Shall I work locally or work abroad to succeed?

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Success is relative! This means that the native is successful not just by dint of his/her effort but also is affected in equal measure by the physical environment he or she is in.
Vedic astrology holds forth the view that for some people it is extremely beneficial to live close to their place of birth while for others it is advisable to go overseas. Then again some people are more attuned to achieve success in a sea bound land while some better their chances in hilly climes or even in a land locked desert area!

This conclusion is arrived at only after an expert astrological assessment which takes into consideration not just the planetary combination under which’s influence the native was born but also the current and future planetary placements and positioning which has a considerable impact.

Many a time we hear about success stories of people who were literally hand to mouth barely able to eke out an existence in one particular country and then the same people became a rags to riches case study on migrating to another country or land. The same holds true in converse wherein many people have ended up living a lower standard of life subsequent to their moving abroad or even returning to their local land from overseas.
Astrology has the answer and such results are not effected by chance or co-incidence.
Napoleon rose to the pinnacle of his profession in France while Churchill did so in the United Kingdom. Had they changed places it would not have been so and they could have merely eked out a minimum existence. This so because the place of residence and work plays a huge role in the native’s success and the only way to find out other than by hit and trial is to solicit the services of an expert astrologer who would be able to prescribe to you the best place to work if success is desired.

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