Which is my lucky direction for my residence?

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The place we call home or the premises where we live also has a direct impact on our lives and also our astrological equations. Many a time we hear that a specific shop or house is unlucky for its inhabitants and in some documented cases the owner has either suffered grave losses both financial and physical or even died!

The fault lies not in the house per se but the direction of the house which actually is a determinant of whether it is in such a placement that it is attracting negative energy or if it is attracting positive vibes and energy from the universe itself.

Like Einstein the famous scientist remarked energy can neither be created nor destroyed. What can be done is to channelize the positive energy towards us and divert the negative energy away from us. Here what is most vital is the actual direction of our residence which again has to be determined by an astrologer after a close and in-depth study of the native’s horoscope and planetary configuration etc

Not every direction is beneficial for every person and due care and consideration must be afforded to the fact that the residence direction especially has to be arrived at individually and only after a direct and personal consultation.

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We endeavour at best to get back to you within 7 to 14 days.



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