Why am i not succeeding in my career?

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Career is the basic foundation stone of a satisfying life and the adage ‘find a job you love and you won’t have to work a single day in your life’ holds true for all mankind!
What is the difference between successful professionals and entrepreneurs and the average unemployed or unhappily employed people? The difference is that the successful people usually love what they do with a passion that is unrivalled wherein the monetary consideration is secondary. It is a fact that when one loves what he does as a career he or she is actually dedicated and motivated to do a great job 100% which really transforms into a stepping stone towards success.

Vedic astrology has the answers for the purpose behind success and failure in one’s career. Everyone is not cut out to be a surgeon or a teacher or any other vocation. An expert astrological assessment can help a native discover why he or she is unsuccessful in his/her vocation despite putting in the best possible effort.
Career is too important a topic to leave to chance or destiny. It is the main foundation of your entire life and its impact in later years will affect not just the native but his entire circle of friends and family too.

We all yearn for success in our careers and when that is not there every single day becomes an upstream swim wherein the tide is against us and the universe itself positions itself in a way which is unhelpful and unproductive. Astrology is the celestial knowledge since time immemorial which can shed light on this aspect and guide the native towards realizing which career would bear fruit and which would bear a harvest of thorns!

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