Libra Yearly Horoscope 2017

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Libra the 7th sign is an Air based sign that is ruled by the planet Venus. It’s represented by the symbol of balancing scales that signifies balance, fairness and justice.

The natives of this sign are known to be great team players and of a friendly disposition who could at times be very stubborn. They are able to considerably increase their effectiveness both personally and professionally by undertaking to do the astrological yearly tasks and chanting of the special mantras.

They are thus able to increase their good fortune & luck and at the same time decrease their misfortune to a massive extent therewith.

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The natives of the moon sign Libra do not generally like to be loners and feel much more at ease in the company of others be it one special person or even a circle of close friends. They generally are quite quick to find faults but also manage to put their point across as natural diplomats. The yearly tasks, remedies and chanting serves to greatly increase their positivity and luck while cutting down on the adverse effects of any impending misfortune.