After seeking advice from Prakash Astrologer I was very pleased with the guidance I received especially since it was at a very difficult time during my medical studies. I was very nervous and felt like I had no direction. Prakash Astrologer always spoke very frankly and gave me clarity and hope to move on through my exam hurdles and not drop out like I was contemplating.

I stand here one and a half years later after successfully completing my medical degree and passing my licensing exams. I had expert astrological guidance and understood why was feeling the way I was. Thank you very much Prakashji.

Dr Satbir Brar, London, UKDoctor

I am a subscriber of your YouTube channel and read all your posts and watch your videos with great interest and can confirm that they are really good & give an excellent insight in the miraculous world of Jyotish.

Rutuja Patil, Brighton

It was very nice meeting you. You predicted that January 2014 onwards I will come across some very good opportunities & also I will find another job. You also told me that I should not get disheartened and will soon get a chance to work with a MNC and yes! I got a job offer from one of the top Fortune 500 companies and am currently working with them. Thank you very much for your support and guidance. I can definitely say that your predictions turned out to be 100% accurate.

Rahul Sharma, Stuttgart

I have unfortunately come across many frauds claiming to be astrologers and now I also can tell by the way they manipulate things which really serves to annoy me to no end! I am really glad that Prakash changed my perception and he is someone I trust fully. Whatever he predicts, was based on pure computation and the best part was that everything came true. Best part is that he doesn’t sugar coat lies but sys it like it is which is what I respect and like most. I congratulate him on his skills and wish him all the best for the future.

Amit Gautam, Harrow

I met Prakash Astrologer through a family friend who had recommended his services to me. Admittedly I was a bit cynical at the beginning but when I saw his analysis and the accuracy of the same I was converted! I am quite proud to say that he is a gem of a person and helps people in ways they have never expected. I attest to his efficacy and am a very satisfied client who recommends his services to all and sundry.

Diane Mitchel Jones