Aquarius Yearly Horoscope

Aquarius Yearly Horoscope 2017

Aquarius Yearly Horoscope 2017

Aquarius yearly horoscope, in 2017 from the start of the year till the 26th of January your Lord Saturn will be in the 10th House due to which you will be active, creative, dynamic and have the strength to face all challenges and complications. You will get all comforts, perform good deeds & be quite prosperous. You will be enterprising, industrious, arrogant and hold a high position and be well known in society. You will have lots of female support to achieve your objectives. From the 27th of January till the 20th of June 2017 your Lord planet Saturn will be transiting in your 11th House Sagittarius wherein you will enjoy comforts, luxuries & life style. You will get name, fame, establishment and spiritual enlightenment. This phase of time will make you powerful and you will get full support and encouragement. From the 21st of June till the 25th of Oct 2017 your lord planet will be back in transit in your 10th House Scorpio due to which you got to look after your relationship and any personal and professional decisions you are taking. Be prepared for any car-property dealing. If you want to create a change of place then think very thoroughly before making any final decision. From the 26th of October till the 23rd of January 2020 Your Lord Planet Saturn will be transiting in the 11th House Sagittarius on account of which you will be quite sharp in your approach and will make full use your knowledge, ability and skills besides upgrading your ability and raising your status.

You will be even more determined to achieve your goal but at the same time you got to take care of your family relationships. Beware of cheating and deception. There will be a rise in your status, prestige and honour. You will be able to create a unique name for yourself along with achieving fame and establishment. Your ability will be recognised and appreciated by professional people & professional organisation. The more you become determined, motivated and build up your drive the more will you be able to establish yourself. You will be able to fulfil your dreams, desires and ambitions but got to be disciplined and be on track and sincere with your efforts. From the start of the year till the 8th of September 2017 Rahu Dragon-head will be transiting in your 7th House Leo wherein you will be visionary, hardworking and creative. You will have affairs or illicit relationships. Do take care of your partner’s health and of your companionship with your partner. Please avoid wicked people and risky investments. You must look after your reputation and take every step with lots of care and consideration. Please do consider the long term future before making any move. From the start of the year till the 8th of Sept 2017 KETU Dragon’s tail will be in your Lagna 1st House Aquarius due to which you will be sharp, determined, firm and quite strategic. At times comforts can be missing and you could be going through lots of obstacles and delays. You will be blessed with status and prestige and leadership of an organisation. From the start of the year till the 11th of September 2017 Jupiter will be transiting in your 8th House due to which you got to look after your health and well being. You will be blessed with unexpected financial gain and will make lots of secret strategies and money.

Your expenditure will be quite high and you will be participating in lots of social activities. From the 12th of September till the end of the year 2017 Jupiter will be transiting in your 9th House Libra due to which you will be blessed with knowledge and financial backing and be quite successful as a consultant, Doctor, Teacher, Consultant, legal advisor, writer, financial consultant, accountant, Encomiast & Banker. Your foreign contacts will be rewarding and you could be honoured by the state.From the 9th of September till the End of the year 2017 Rahu-Dragon’s head will be transiting in your 6th House Cancer wherein you will be travelling around the globe. Spiritually you will become very powerful and be spiritually enlightened and achieve dignified status and prestige. Take care of your back, waist, teeth, eyes and lower abdomen. You will be quite established and famous. From the 9th of September till the End of the year 2017 Ketu-Dragon’s tail will be transiting in your 12th House Capricorn on account of which you will be sharp, brave, confident, going with the flow and travel around the globe. Your expenditure will be quite high. Beware of cheating and deception. Your financial gain will come from abroad. From the 27th of January till the 30th of May 2017 Venus will be in your 2nd house which will offer you name, fame and establishment. You will be blessed with a luxurious life style, wealth, comforts, life style etc. You will be in contact with powerful professional people and have ample beauty and resources.

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Aquarius Horoscope in 2017
General View

This year 2017 will be good and meritorious and you will be able to create something through your own effort. You can experience a huge rise in status during the year 2017 and switch from negativity to spiritual positivity. There will be a change for the better and some very good developments will be there that will come after a rather complicated and delayed process. You have a definite mission this year and will contribute a new sense of valuing things in your environment. You are meant to show others a new direction. Success increases as time goes on. There are key times in this year 2017 where your goals suffer delays or profound transformations. Letting your year unfold in its full glory is somewhat difficult for you; a basic sense of insecurity about what you deserve to get, holds you back.


You might have a hard time letting your dreams and hopes come true. You will feels like life is a struggle at times. There are moments of doubt about who you want to be and what you are about. Beware of scandals, financial losses, illness, career setback and mishaps especially since these can derail the plans you have formulated. You are fortunate and may have all the support that you need. You have a special protection against things going really wrong in this year 2017 and will be safe from really severe issues. You may enjoy some unearned family advantage and the same in your profession too. You are lucky with investments and attract good fortune when you are in your high-minded, visionary mode. Spiritual or sacred knowledge may bring growth and fortune. You will reach your goals by utilizing some of the numerous opportunities that come across your way. Be cautious in word and deed when on foreign shores. Be very careful with credit cards and employ a cautionary approach before entering any partnerships.

Aquarius Education Horoscope
Learning and Education

Education is your number one concern and being a learned individual you will have a good education. There is likely to be some interruption or change that could cause you to not finishing your education in the time period as planned.


You can be at odds with the scholarly work of academia due to your self-invented approach which tries to avoid the strictures of tradition. Your education may be different from the average pattern and gathering knowledge is a predilection and a continuous process for you. You may have a good understanding and knowledge of everything.


You have positive, rewarding experiences in the field of knowledge and education both formal and informal. You are driven to look for guidance outside yourself although you know the answers lie within. If you are studying Architecture, Accountancy, Finance, Economics, IT, Management, Pharmacy & Fashion then the results will be quite unique.

Aquarius Personality
It is usually up to you to get things done without the convenience of an assistant. You are skilled at participating in group activities and understand the mind-set of society as a whole. You also have the ability to convert your efforts into success and are able to explain the view of management or power centres to a wider audience. You have good organizational skills with farsighted managerial abilities. You are skilled at getting your work done in association with others and are able to read others faces and understand their character from the same.


You are responsible, pragmatic and have practical business and administrative skills. There might also be a particular ability in mathematics or working with abstract numbers. You are a hard and determined worker who is especially skilled in mechanical or technical skills.You have some design skill be it interior design, painting, clothing design, architecture, etc.


You are responsible, pragmatic and have practical business and administrative skills. There might also be a particular ability in mathematics or working with abstract numbers. You are a hard and determined worker who is especially skilled in mechanical or technical skills.You have some design skill be it interior design, painting, clothing design, architecture, etc.
Aquarius Health Horoscope
This year you will work to create a firm and strong physique. If you get sick it would likely be related to an infection, irritation, over-sensitivity, migraine, sharp pain in the lower abdomen etc. Aquarius in the year 2017 due to over commitments you may not have the time to exercise and may at times have to bear blows and troubles in your physique. You are likely to suffer from psychological problems and accidents while traveling. Your sensitive digestion and acidity related ailments might trouble you.


The liver needs special preventive care so please avoid foods that strain and harm it. You may have to deal with skin problems or issues related to blood-bladders. Your strong time is the daytime. You are physically strong but may be prone to accidents due to your impulsiveness. Be careful when tampering with vehicles as you might get hurt. You should be careful while boating or climbing to a height. You might have a fear of getting physically hurt or some accident or injury may emotionally affect you.
Aquarius Love Horoscope
Romance and Love Life
This year you will make an impression on the opposite sex and your relationships will improve significantly over time. You like playful romantic adventures but at times might have some problems with sexual relationships. Relationships and marriage are important and your spouse is a true friend. Some of your life problems could involve the realm of love, sex, and marriage. If you are unmarried then this year 2017 your marriage will be decided suddenly or under unconventional circumstances. You may be involved in extramarital affairs despite being established in a long term relationship or marriage. There will be some strain, gap, or austerity in your long-term relationships or marriage. Your desires and his/hers are many times at odds.


You may have a tendency to use harsh tactics, words, or deception in connection with your spouse wherein please seek psychological or spiritual counselling if this becomes a problem. Marriage will bring prosperity and you will benefit from your spouse, both in affluence and wisdom. However marriage and romance will not be without serious storms. Your spouse will have a positive impact on your growth, progress, opportunities, and smooth cash flow. In the year 2017 Aquarius if you marry then your spouse will be glamorous, attractive and a person of substance. Your partner prefers to act with decorum and on a majestic scale. Your spouse is loving, congenial and lives in harmony with you. Your partner has a tremendous urge to expand, to multiply, to grow, and develop. Your partner will be magnanimous.


At the highest and best, divine grace flows through your partner in the form of generosity, benevolence, and intelligence. Faithful and warm, helping and protective your partner has natural abilities for leadership and organizing and he/she makes a wonderful executive. Your spouse is somewhat independent and very busy in various pursuits. Your partner is always yearning for a higher love. Although your partner’s efforts are bent on rising high in the material world in extreme cases your partner would choose poverty and discomfort over having to accept favours that would oblige her to follow someone’s commands. Your domestic life can be stormy & may go through serious ups and downs.

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Social Life
It is likely that people of your own gender like you and you could associate with people whom society considers to be different or on the fringe. You get along with most people but you are particularly attracted to intellectuals and artists. In the year 2017 Aquarius In business you like to work as part of a team and are popular with your associates. There is a possibility that you have hidden rivals or enemies who work against you without your knowledge. You have formidable enemies and may encounter swindlers, cheats or thieves. Your struggles may be largely invisible and those who have been at odds with you may also not be apparent. Everyone likes you and you are generally liked and popular with most people because you are romantic and attractive to the opposite sex. You are the can-do person everyone looks to for direction.


You may be looked upon as an example for others to follow. It is likely that at least one time in this year 2017 you will lose a hard earned position or reputation. Reputation is a big factor in your life for good or bad. You give a new twist to the direction of your group or community. You have many virtues and can explain yourself well to an admiring public. Social interactions stimulate your mind and often bring you a sense of comfort. You are on good terms with intellectuals and scholars. You have links to influential organizations that may be involved in artistic or humanities-related activities. You form relationships easily and try to be at harmony with everyone. Your capability of making a relationship is very useful in business and social life. You may be well thought of in foreign lands.
Business, Profession and Career
This year you are aspiring, democratic, reserved, chaste, prudent and self-controlled. Your style of working will be ambitious and capable and you are status and career-oriented. You are hard-working and may have to run around and do a lots of things to complete your work. You could be widely acclaimed for your efficiency in work. You readily accept challenges and responsibilities to advance your career and bring you recognition and a high status. You will carefully plan the phases of your career and fulfil your ambitions with discipline and perseverance. Your work might involve complicated or confidential or a very complex system technology. Any work which is somewhat confrontational, challenging or even destructive will appeal to you. The theme of your job may be strongly connected to your personality, looks and self-confidence although you are also likely to be a pioneer of some kind. Your professional field is your field of activity, freedom, service and enlightenment.


You are likely to be involved in some service profession and may have some tedious aspects to your work. You will succeed in your own business as a self-employed professional. You feel compelled to start your own business away from supervision and do not like being dominated as you enjoy being your own boss and have a hard time following orders. You are more likely to be an employee than an independent entrepreneur. You have a good relationship with those who are your supervisors or authorities who may be quite enterprising or creative. You may set an example for others and lead the way with authority and confidence. You are someone who is truly tuned in to career and worldly success. Overwork may interfere with taking good care of yourself physically. You are generally successful in your undertakings but remain modest about yourself. You have a strong feeling for others’ values and can be an excellent psychologist or counsellor or consultant. Fame is one of the most delicious side benefits this year can bestow. You are very serious about your ambitions and the status you seek in the year 2017.


You gradually attain recognition for your excellent accomplishments and rise through favour from people in power. You will seek authority and power in order to implement the structured way you believe will bring success. In time you may become successful career-wise and might be at the apex of some educational or spiritual organization. You will be able to utilize opportunities presented by influential people and gain in the process. Assistants may be instrumental to your success. You will handle large projects successfully and will keep advancing because of your tenacity and perseverance. In the year 2017 Aquarius You will be self-made, and it may take time for your plans to gel. Your enterprises may not pay off until the middle of the year. Being a very persistent worker, you will gradually become more and more successful as the year passes. Your career will lead you into surprising pursuits, unexpected by you and your family earlier in this year. In your career, you might have some important job changes for the better. Your career will grow and improve steadily. There may be some association with foreigners which turns out to be beneficial in your career. You may find good support from governing powers and are likely to have powerful backers.

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Property Investment
Money may come from people in power and you will earn income in a variety of ways. You are likely to gain well financially from your partnerships. You will gain from the power and position of a partner. An inheritance may come to you and you may get windfall profits from unexpected sources such as from unclaimed lands, properties lost to taxes, or tax refunds or Lottery.


However your financial resources may be a source of profound vulnerability on your part and there might be a loss of opportunities and money. You will make money through talking, writing & consulting. Occupations will bring you money and your friends and friendships will contribute to your income. You are constantly involved with your business affairs and have the need to increase your earnings.


You are fortunate in the matters of home, land and buildings. You are financially comfortable and tend to spend on good things but have to be careful not to overspend. You might suffer speculative losses.
Aquarius Lucky Points

Aquarius main sentence for the year 2017:- I know.
Aquarius biggest talent for the year 2017:- Determined.
Aquarius biggest weakness for the year 2017:- Temper & Stubborn attitude.
Aquarius Ambition for the year 2017:- To achieve supremacy.
Aquarius Lucky Days for the year 2017:- Thursday, Friday & Saturday.
Aquarius unlucky Days for the year 2017:- Monday.
Aquarius Lucky Colour for the year 2017:- Cream, Silver & Blue.
Aquarius Unlucky Colour for the year 2017:- White.
Aquarius Lucky Precious Stone for the year 2017:- Please do wear fine quality Blue Sapphire & fine Diamond set in platinum in your right hand’s middle finger for Status, prestige, honour, rise in luck, prosperity, peace of mind, comforts, vision, imagination, stability and defence from any crisis.
Aquarius Millionaire facing direction for buying any property for the year 2017:- West.
Aquarius Unlucky Direction facing for the property for the year 2017:- North.

Aquarius Precautions for 2017

Refrain from consuming any form of intoxication, alcohol, non-vegetarian food, sea food & any meat.
Please refrain from accepting any prassad anything free from anybody.
Please always respect your partner, mother & sisters.
Refrain from consuming any Alcohol, Sea food, Eggs, Non Vegetarian Food.
Refrain from keeping any out of order or unused electrical, electronic/mechanical goods, any unused pipe, pans, bottles, wires, cables or glasses.
Refrain from any day time sexual activities.
Never ever KEEP any form of TABBEZ, RAKH & BHOOBOTIA shankh bell.
Do take care of your presentation.
Refrain from taking or buying any electrical electronic Goods, steel appliances & navy blue garments and refrain from doing any extension work wiring roofing etc.

Complications for Aquarius

You must look after relationships.
At times your personal comforts, attention and companionship will be missing and you will be compelled to cross the line of commitment. Beware of affairs.
You will face fluctuations, ups and downs and your fibre will be tested very thoroughly.
Beware of huge financial setbacks.
Health wise do take care of your lower abdomen, sharp pains and male/female health issues.
Beware of legal issues.
You will face a lot of opposition and animosity so please be prepared for it.

Chanting of the Year
Om Meditation

Chanting 1 for Medicinal Cure and Effects

”rim Krim Krim Hum Hum Hum Hrim Hrim Hrim Dakshinay Kalikay Dakshinay Kalikay Dakshinay Kalikay Hrim Hrim Hrim Hum Hum Hum Krim Krim Krim””
Requirement :— Jug of water
Assan :– Mixed coloured Blanket
Time :– Night Time after 00:00 Hours MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT
Direction facing :– West
Time for chanting :– 64 minutes – 96 minutes – 144 minutes

Chanting 2 for achieving Rise and Boost

”Aum Aing Hrim Shrim Klim Hassou Jagat-Praasutaya Nammhha ”
Requirement :– Jug of Water
Assan :– Mixed coloured Blanket
Time :– After 10pm
Direction facing :– WEST
Time for chanting :– 64 minutes – 96 minutes – 144 minutes

Tasks of the Year

Please donate whole meal atta & whole moong dal equal to your own weight to Langar on Sunday 1-5-11 times on Sunday.
Please donate 8kg Haldi Powder to Langar in the temple for 8 Thursdays.
Please dump 7kg Dry whole coconuts in a deep lake on Wednesday for 2-12 Wednesdays.
Please keep 12 Moon Yantras in a Brass Gaggar filled with River Water and place in North-West Direction.
Please do wrap 1100 gram black Sesame seeds in a worn pure woollen jumper and place in your bedroom above your height or at the highest place in your residence.
You must Donate 120 Kg Rice to a Langar on Monday.
You must keep Rice in a Brass Ghaggar in the North West direction in your residence.
You must Pierce your left nostril on a Wednesday and wear a white metal stud for 96 days after which you got to flow the stud in a fast moving river. Please do not perform any other Astro task during this time.
You must donate money & food to a blind school regularly.
You must keep 7 Silver square pieces in a silver box filled with River water.
You must keep an activated Silver Ganapati on a Ganapati Yantra in your house.
You must keep fine silver activated grains in a silver yantra box.

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