Capricorn Yearly Horoscope

Capricorn Yearly Horoscope 2017

Capricorn yearly horoscope, from the Start of the year till the 25th of January 2017 your Lord Planet Saturn is in the 11th house in Scorpio wherein you will be quite creative, active and dynamic and will do your best to establish yourself. You will develop a few professional contacts that will help you in the long run. You will make a lot of plans and you will be able to materialise them too. You will be involved in a few tricky situations, complications and issues. At times you could be in the middle of a conflict and your personal comforts could be missing. You got to look after your health and well being. From the 25th of January till the 20th of June 2017 your Lord Planet Saturn is in the 12th house in Sagittarius due to which you will be under the effect of the start of Sadesati’s 3rd aspect on your 2nd house, 7th aspect on 6th house and 10 aspect on 9th house. The more you disclose your secrets the more you will be harmed. People will try their best to take advantage of your situation and at times everyone will test your fibre. You will be in contact with foreign people and achieve new contracts, business ventures and projects. Please watch your word of speech & behaviour. People will at times take you for a ride and at the same time family life can be very rough and tough. You will be in contact with new people and form a new circle. At times though you will do well by others but in return get something bad. Beware of foul traps, thieves, thugs and cheaters and watch your debt and financial backing.

Be careful not to get involved in a legal conflict with the authorities or an organisation and do watch your decisions and choices. You must not take people literally and refrain from trusting them.From the 21st of June till the 25th of October 2017 Your Lord Planet Saturn will be back in the 11th house Scorpio. This period will offer you a few projects and ventures but you got to be prepared for running around and at times could be all over the place. You got to watch your decisions and choices and must consider the long term future before any decision is made. Please develop three dimensional thinking to overcome any situation. This is the time to be practical and not emotional and take all steps in real time. From the 26th of October till the end of the Year 2017 your lord planet Saturn is back in the 12th House wherein you got to ensure that your actions and conduct are proper as that is the only way to get ahead. If not then you will pay the price with decay, fatigue, financial losses, debts and living legal conflicts. Review yourself and refine your conduct. From the Start of the Year till the 8th of September 2017 Rahu is in your 8th House due to which you will face struggle full situations, complications, challenges and living conflicts. Your health can be questionable and you got to look after your wellbeing. Rahu can give you agony, pain and hurt besides blocking your advancement while finance and family relationships could also be suspect. At times everyone including family and friends will be out to test your fibre and give you a hard time.

From the Start of the year till the 8th of September 2017 Ketu will be in the 2nd house due to which you got to watch your word of speech, debts, conflicts & issues. At times personal comfort could be missing and you could be under pressure related to financial complications, flow of income, wealth, assets and savings. Domestic complication can be more than your imagination and life could be full of struggle with no achievements or success.From the 9th of September till the end of the Year 2017 Rahu will be in the 7th House on account of which please be wary of financial losses and loss of relationship. Please watch your company and mingling and conduct. If you are in a joint venture or business partnership then please be very careful otherwise you will end up in conflict and incur financial losses. You must look after your health. From the 9th of September till the end of the year Ketu will be in the 1st House in your LAGNA wherein you got to watch your decisions, conduct & dealing with people. You will face many challenges and complications. Please take care of your health and be prepared to face unexpected struggles.

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Capricorn Horoscope in 2017
General View

Once you get something it tends to be of lasting value. You will gain a deep understanding about structure and purpose which will bring you a great sense of fulfilment in this coming year. You enjoy a lifestyle available only to those with certain talents or belonging to a distinct association. You will seize any method for improvement without any fear. Your whole year goes through changes. In this whole year you will often experience delays and obstacles but the truth is that it just takes time to get what you want. Some opportunities in the year 2017 may be lost due to insufficient communication, or shyness in coming out in the open about your interest. At times your life force is vulnerable and your year may go through at least one time where the integrity stands threatened.


You may have a hard time accessing your inner reservoir of affluence and good fortune. You are lucky with investments and there is a natural attraction to improve your situation by moving away, going to other places and even moving away. You probably have good fortune when it comes to obtaining many of the better things in this year. You will probably be prosperous and travel frequently. Capricorn In your coming year 2017 you may have associations with places of seclusion like hospitals, prisons or asylums. In order to escape vicious circles you may find that selfless service to those in need will give you more than you bargained for. You should gain some authority after working hard for this year. You might do better either living in a foreign country or dealing with foreigners.

Capricorn Education Horoscope
Learning and Education

You may have an extended period of higher education. You may have good teachers but they seem to be missing when you need them. You can rationalize or otherwise distort the messages of your teachers and stubbornly refuse to listen to their corrections but you do have a high standard of research and learning. You study philosophy to understand its highest principles. A sibling or a friend may be influential in your choice of educational path. Your education may be interrupted or delayed most likely due to some financial situation.


You can be at odds with the scholarly work of academia as your approach is self-invented and tries to avoid the strictures of tradition. It can also happen that a sense of independence and desire for hands-on experience makes you restless in the classroom. It feels as if all your attempts to expand your horizons and to achieve higher education or higher spiritual teaching get diffused and aimless when you try to pull them through.


You are knowledgeable and there is a major theme in your life regarding acquiring and propagating higher knowledge. In the process of gaining knowledge there may be some kind of pilgrimage, or visit to places of spiritual or educational value. You may choose to expand the horizons of your knowledge by doing a Ph.D. or by acquiring it in some other less formal way. Your learning may come from a foreign culture and you could be drawn to learn about some area that is foreign to most people. You will be endowed with learning in life.

Capricorn Personality
Your skills are strong and you have a natural flair for interaction, maintaining all round good relations and managing your business with dexterity. You have good argumentative skills and it will be quite hard to win an argument against you. You are responsible, pragmatic and have practical business and administrative skills. You may be one of the finest researchers and also have the ability to make money in real estate.


Healing skill may be seen: perhaps as a massage therapist, physical therapist or even as a surgeon. You are blessed with a sharp intellect especially suited to philosophical endeavors, knowledge of the Absolute, and perhaps an ability in foreign languages. There is artistic talent especially in the areas of poetry, singing and other languages or voice related arts.


You may be a good singer or may write poetry. You may be interested in physical fitness and are quite industrious and powerful although you may harbor some fear of failure and weakness. You love games that take place in wide, open spaces. You have good technical and athletic abilities and will do well in weight lifting.
Capricorn Health Horoscope
You are interested in dietary regimens and other practices that may prolong life or improve health. Your physical health appears good although you might have had some health complaints as a child. You may be vulnerable to cervical trauma, sensitivity, or toxin release in the neck area. You are likely to suffer from psychological problems, accidents while traveling, lung diseases, and hip ailments that could involve pain in the hips, thighs, and legs. It is possible for you to suffer from emotional blockages, anxiety or depression. Internal weaknesses may develop in stressful times. Your nostrils dry up easily and you might suffer from respiratory troubles and exposure to the cold. There may be problems with the heart or the eyes – specially the right eye. Intestinal problems and joint pains in the knees are possible.


You are vulnerable to diseases and health issues linked to the abdomen, intestines, and lower organs. Your eyesight can develop some problem and for that or other health problems you could be hospitalized on at least one occasion. Your teeth may be sensitive to acids and some dental work will be necessary. You may have problems with your nose and skin issues. Some unusual problem may be experienced with the reproductive system which will be ultimately resolved. You will live a long life but accident prone and face physical assaults that test your longevity. Erratic or turbulent moods can make you accident-prone. Be very careful in your driving habits and do not let road rage get the best of you.
Capricorn Love Horoscope
Romance and Love Life
You are romantic and overly influenced by the attentions of the opposite sex. You will consider the status of your partner important to you while your desires tend to be very strong. Marriage is very important and you enjoy a good rapport and understanding with your partners and spouse. Married life may have its trials in this year 2017. Some of your life problems could involve the realm of love, companionship and marriage and there may be some problems created by your spouse. Marriage may be delayed or your spouse may be separated from you or there might be a relationship conflict. Although you are committed to maintaining your marriage you got to refrain from committing destructive acts which can destabilize it. Please refrain yourself from extramarital affairs. You may have difficulty in finding your true self where love is concerned.


You tend to be dominant over your spouse and are interested in relations with the opposite sex. Marriage will bring prosperity and you might manage your spouse’s money. Your spouse has various challenges to face in the areas of finance or even kinship ties. If you are unmarried then you might find a spouse who is likely to be quite smart and attractive. She/he may be attractive as well as stable, mature, and have a good judgment. Your spouse has an amiable disposition and tranquillity comes easily even in the worst crisis. Always changing new dimensions of your wife’s personality emerge in response to the different circumstances of luxury or misery.


When love and warmth are being bestowed to your spouse he/she responds with great sincerity. When warmth is withdrawn, your spouse can react as if the life force has been drained from her. Emotional and sentimental, your spouse may make some impractical decisions. Your spouse’s moods have a shape, almost like the moon which waxes and wanes and likewise your spouse is sometimes more imaginative and progressive and sometimes less so. In some circumstances your spouse gives the impression of great strength and confidence but at times he/she can also be as agitated and helpless as a child. Your spouse can be crusty on the outside like a crab but very gentle underneath. You can create difficulties for your spouse such as involving him/her in litigation or other problems.

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Social Life
Most of the time you have access to influential friends who show you the path. There is a possibility that you have hidden rivals or enemies who work against you without your knowledge. Your struggles may be largely invisible and those who have been at odds with you may also not be apparent. Enemies can take advantage of you and you might experience humiliation at the hands of your opponents. Others may feel you can be harsh, aggressive and be a little offended by your expressions. People in power may seek your advice. You are fortunate and well respected. You are well liked by the public, especially by women.


Scandals can affect you in adverse periods. And you may often make decisions too quickly or carelessly and regret the results later on. Reputation in a scholarly or educated field might be important to you as your ambition is strongly linked to awareness of gradual accumulation of resources. You can be wrongly accused of misdeeds. Socially you like reaching out to people and intermixing with them. You are often called upon to speak and can do very well with an audience. You will be lucky with women in business, social circles or in relationships. Those who have hurt you also go through difficulties.
Business, Profession and Career
You are aspiring, democratic, reserved, chaste, prudent and self-controlled. You will have political ambitions but will be ambitious in a cautious way. This year you may burst upon the world without warning, surprising others as much as yourself. You work very hard and have to climb a long ladder to success. You could be widely acclaimed for your efficiency in work. You can drive hard in your work toward your professional goals but are prone to sudden disruptions in your career. You are slow and persevering and while progress is there it could come only after ground breaking efforts. You are a monster when it comes to attacking a goal. You will do well in a public career or working for a professional organisation. You like dealing with concrete, practical things.


You may publish in foreign publications and there might be an involvement with foreign communication or foreign languages. Your work may be linked to foreign countries. You will have good executive and business ability. You are protective of your business and grow it carefully. Your partners look to you for direction and you are a natural salesman. If you are employed you work for a wise and sympathetic boss. You can have reversals in your career due to secret jealousies or misunderstandings with your superiors Subordinates are loyal and supportive allies. You feel at home at your place of business. You are well equipped to express the necessities of your work. You are very well grounded in practical affairs and have a shrewd sense of what is profitable and what is not.


A career of your choice might be connected to IT, consulting, education or finances. You can do well in public relations, customer service or sales. You may be involved in public service or be part of an institution of higher learning or organisation. You may be pushed into a position of authority before you are ready for it. Your strength and connections will make you a powerful figure. You will become a member of a privileged or elite group in society. You will gain fame or notoriety. You will attain a very respectable position in your profession. You will rise in prestige and fame, to a high position of leadership. There may be a few setbacks in your career or challenges to your good name.

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Property Investment
Wealth and material welfare are often on your mind and you work with an obstinate determination to increase your wealth and financial security. Your reputation and status are bound to make you a wealthy individual. You have a business talent and use relationships with others to build wealth. You look to your friends for ideas about income sources. In this year 2017 you will gain from people in authority. Sources of income might include inheritance, restaurants or food emporiums, financial institutions, jewellery or other personal property. You will employ various means of technology for increasing wealth. Brothers, friends and powerful people will contribute positively to your wealth. You may inherit property from your maternal grandparents and financial opportunities will present themselves to you constantly while you hardly suffer from lack of resources.


Even if you live in humble and modest circumstances you are always thinking of ways to keep money circulating for you and your friends, whether through barter and cooperatives, or network marketing. You have a lot of cash and other assets and will gain money from the government, or corporate employment. You will do well in speculation, research of scriptures, in activities related to tax matters, amusement, sports, consultant, management; government contacts are profitable. Income generating activities may be related to fashion, entertainment, jewellery, food, money, cosmetics and education. You will make money from luxurious items such as jewellery, expensive clothing, or perfume.


An association with art may give you a chance to make money. Real estate will be lucky for you and your possessions are likely to include property, land, tools, metal items, or other things. Please refrain from lending money and be prepared for possible deception and treachery from friends besides unexpected financial losses. Gambling can cause you huge losses.
Capricorn Lucky Points

Capricorn main sentence for the year 2017:- I see.
Capricorn biggest talent for the year 2017:- Visionary & Practicality
Capricorn biggest weakness for the year 2017:- Curiosity beyond limit.
Capricorn Ambition for the year 2017:- Status & Power.
Capricorn Lucky Days for the year 2017:- Monday, Thursday & Friday.
Capricorn unlucky Days for the year 2017:- Sunday & Wednesday.
Capricorn Lucky Colours for the year 2017:- White, Silver, Cream & Yellow.
Capricorn Unlucky Colours for the year 2017:- Navy & Green.
Capricorn Lucky Precious Stone for the year 2017:-Please do wear Fine Golden Yellow Sapphire, Real salt water pearl, Fine Ruby & Fine Emerald in a Gold Square pendant around your Neck for self-content status, balance, defence from any crisis, prestige, vision, governing power, vision, imagination, rise in luck, authority, support and establishment.
Please do wear FINE Blue Sapphire & Fine Diamond in platinum in your right hand’s middle finger for Status, confidence, vision, creativity, flow of income, wealth, assets, savings, profession, career, prestige, honour, creativity, activity, recognition, appreciation, decision & choices.
Capricorn Millionaire facing direction for the property for the year:- WEST & North-East.
Capricorn Unlucky Direction facing for the property for the year 2017:- South-West.

Capricorn Precautions for 2017

Please refrain from doing any electrical work, roofing, rewiring, buying any electrical-electronic-mechanical goods-steel pans-navy blue colour garments.
Please refrain from consuming any intoxications, alcohol, non-vegetarian & sea food while avoiding all scandalous activities.
Please do take care of what you wear & how you look in context of your presentation.
Always respect your Guests.
Please refrain from consuming any food half eaten by someone.
Refrain from any kind of conflict.
Fulfil all your promises.
Please do make sure that all electrical-electronics- mechanical equipment is in running order.
Please refrain from accepting any electrical-electronics-mechanical equipment free of cost.
Please refrain from giving any false testimony.

Complications for Capricorn

You might face relationship related complications and issues. At times your personal happiness and comforts might be missing.
If you are a student then do take care of your education and be more focused, driven and devoted.
If you are a lady and would like to conceive a baby then you got to be extra careful.
Your enemies will back stab you and play silly games and even lay traps around you.
Beware of legal complications, fine, penalty and punishments.
Health wise do take care of all issues related to your lower abdomen, chest and any kind of sharp pain in the lower part of your abdomen.
There might be deficit of trust in your relationship.
People will try to cheat you, take you for a ride, deceive you and badly let you down.
Beware of financial losses due to risky investments and business ventures.

Chanting of the Year
Om Meditation

Chanting 1 for Medicinal Cure and Effects

”Krim Krim Krim Hum Hum Hum Hrim Hrim Hrim Dakshinay Kalikay Dakshinay Kalikay Dakshinay Kalikay Hrim Hrim Hrim Hum Hum Hum Krim Krim Krim ”
Requirement :— Jug of water
Assan :– Mixed coloured Blanket
Time :– Night Time after 10pm
Direction facing :– West
Time for chanting :– 84 minutes – 96 minutes – 144 minutes

Chanting 2 for achieving Rise and Boost

”Aum Shrim Hrim Strim Hum Phutt”
Requirement :– Jug of Water
Assan :– Mixed coloured Blanket
Time :– Between 3am- 6:45am
Direction facing :– North-East
Time for chanting :– 84 minutes – 96 minutes – 144 minutes

Tasks of the Year

Please flow a mixture of 12kg Gurh & 12kg Whole Moong Dal in a fast flowing River.
Please drink everything in a silver glass.
You must keep fine silver grains in a Silver Yantra Box.
You must keep an Aquarium with 3 gold fish and place it near the entrance door to your house.
Please pierce your left nostril and wear a white metal stud for 14-43-96-129 days and make sure that during this time you refrain from doing any other task whatsoever. After this period please remove the stud and flow it in a fast flowing river.
Please donate money to all your sisters-nieces-aunts.Please do organise KANYA PUJAN time and again along with donating money, sweets & green dresses.
Please do visit a temple regularly and donate Pure Ghee and sugar.
Please do Bury 11kg Black Salt in the Ground for 11 Saturdays between the hours of 4:30am-6:30am.
Please do take 8kg Dry whole coconuts and after touching each one to your forehead throw them in a deep lake for 12 Wednesdays.
Please try to keep a black colour dog as a pet or donate chicke based dog food to a Dog home regularly.

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