Jupiters Effect Transit
Jupiter Transit 2016

From 11th August 2016 To 12th September 2017


TransitEvery year the transit of Saturn throws light on our Profession, Status, Prestige, Honour, Career, Source of Income and Resources. In the same way the transit of Jupiter informs us in context of birth of a child, marriage relationship and for professionally qualified people their living. The transit of Rahu & Ketu sheds light on Sudden happenings, Financial losses, Crisises, Trauma, Agony, Conflicts, Grief and Downfall. KRIYYAMAAN KARMA, which is derived from GOCHAR transit literally means the travel & (present) current planetary position and movement. This is related to our current KARMA linked with our presents DEEDS. GOCHAR transit plays a major role in creating all kinds of events in life both happy and traumatic ones. Positive and Negative effects can be derived from the LAGNA ascendant Chart
GOCHAR transit Chart GOCHAR Kundli is based on MOON KUNDLI Mahadasha Antradasha and GOCHAR combined together can give a lot of unique information AT ANY TIME OF THE NATIVE’S LIFE. Moon represents MIND, VISION, IMAGINATION, EMOTIONS, FEELINGS, HEALTH; HAPPINESS & LIFE SPAN SUN represents the SOUL LAGNA represents the BODY In planning all major events for the native the Astrologer always studies the GOCHAR transit MOON KUNDLI. In GOCHAR KUNDLI MOON KUNDLI the planets with the least speed are actually the most effective. Sun travels for one month in each sign. Moon travel for 2.25 days in each sign. Venus travel for one month in each sign. Mercury travel for 28 days in each sign. Mars travel for 40-45 days in each sign. Jupiter travel for 12-13 months in each sign. Rahu & Ketu travel for 17-18 months in each sign. Saturn travel for 30 months in each sign. All the planets in GOCHAR transit from MOON KUNDLI in 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th House, give beneficial and good effects. All effects of the planets are determined by ASHTAK-VARAG PADDHITI. ASHTAK -VARAG ‘s one part is known as GOCHAR PADITI.


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