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Daily Horoscope for 20th November

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Libra Daily Horoscope

Libra Daily Horoscope



You will come across many opportunities and incur expenditure will on life style and luxuries. Your financial efforts will be rewarded and there will be a rise in status and prestige but you must keep up your efforts. You got to watch your temper & actions. Your skill, knowledge and ability will be well recognised and duly appreciated by professionals and perhaps by powerful decision makers. Professionally there will be a lot of running around but at the same time your focus, devotion and determination will bring unique and dignified rewards for you. Please do take care of your official matters especially those related to legal, court, police, customs, excise, VAT & tax matters. If you are a student then please be focused on your studies and don’t be distracted or that will have an adverse impact and effect on your education. Keep up your efforts and pull up your socks and work hard with your objective in mind. Please watch your temper and stay in full control of your emotions and refrain from being carried away in anger or lose your rag. In the same way please watch your actions and avoid displaying any kind of out of control behaviour or aggressive conduct. You got to watch your word of speech and avoid adopting a stubborn attitude.

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