Libra Yearly Horoscope

Libra Yearly Horoscope 2017

Libra Yearly Horoscope 2017

Libra yearly horoscope, from the start of the year till the 26th of January 2017 your Lord Planet Venus will in the 5th House with Mars and Ketu due to which you will be very active and creative with most of your efforts being rewarded. You could be blessed with more than one source of income and with the help of your creativity you will be able to create your own project and ventures. From the 27th of January till the 30th of May 2017 your Lord planet Venus will be in your 6th House on account of which you will face quite a few challenges, complications and issues but in the end you will be able to accomplish your goals. You will travel around and incur expenditure on luxuries and life style. Please take care of your health and well being. From the 31st of May till the 28th of June 2017 your Lord planet Venus will be in your 7th House with its 7th aspect on the Lagna. Due to this placement there will be a rise in status, prestige and income resources. You will be in contact with professional people and could come across companionship and a new romantic relationship.

From the 29th of June till the 25th of July 2017 your Lord planet Venus will be in your 8th House due to which there will be a rise in your personality, confidence, income, life style, comforts and luxuries. You will be blessed with financial gain and prosperity. Your professional gain will be there only after facing few challenges. Please take care of your marriage and the health and wellbeing of your partner. From the 26th of July till the 20th Aug 2017 Your Lord planet Venus will be in your 9th House due to which you will come across a few differences of opinion with your loved ones. You will face some complex situations and while travelling around could come across a unique opportunity overseas. From the 21st of August till the 14th of September 2017 Your Lord planet Venus will be in your 10th House which will make you quite active, creative and dynamic. Although you will face complex issues you will do your best to resolve them and also develop your business ventures. From the 15th of September till the 9th of October 2017 Your Lord planet Venus will be in your 11th House wherein you will be upgrading your knowledge, ability and skills. You will come across many financial opportunities and your efforts will bring unique rewards for you. You will come across many unique opportunities overseas.

From the 10th of October till the 2nd of November 2017 Your Lord planet Venus will be in your 12th House wherein you got to look after your health and wellbeing. You will face many challenges, complications and complex financial situations. From the 3rd of November till the 26th of November 2017 Your Lord planet Venus will be in your Lagna in the 1st House due to which there will be a rise in your achievements, name, fame & establishment. You will be able to create a unique impression on your surroundings and your hard work and effort will pay you back. You will be able to achieve recognition, appreciation and progress. From the 27th of November till the 20th of December 2017 Your Lord planet Venus will be in your 2nd House on account of which you got to watch your word of speech. You will be able to convince a lot of people with the help of your ability, knowledge and skill. You will be able to successfully close a few profitable deals.

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Libra Horoscope in 2017
General View

Most of the time you will be quite happy-go-lucky and a positive contributor and thinker. At times you will feel that you are in the midst of a struggle. In the end of this year things will finally work out and you will be taken care of with the help of your focused and determined efforts. Destiny will support you but you got to be fully disciplined, devoted and dedicated.


You receive good fortune through help from women. Fortune favours you and you may be lucky in matters of name, fame, establishment and speculation. Please avoid investments in stocks & shares & refrain from gambling. In order to escape vicious circles you may find that selfless service to those in need will give you more than you bargained for.

Libra Education Horoscope
Learning and Education

In the year 2017 Education will colour your mind vividly but though it will be good it won’t be smooth sailing. Self-study and research are natural activities for you. You are interested in economic philosophy but part of your study will be related to human relations or some creative subject. Please work hard and be a good student towards achieving your degree. Your education might be interrupted but you could ten have your own independent way of learning.


Your independent and hands-on attitude in learning is likely to cause some discomfort or even resistance to and from traditional education. Professional Education will be difficult to attain either due to your own organisational limitations or due to health related complications. You take education seriously but university or college might have thrown a new set of problems at you. Although you process knowledge slowly but you do retain it.


You are knowledgeable about a technical area perhaps related to machines, cutting or heating. You are lucky to have acquired knowledge overseas or in learning foreign wisdom as this knowledge may be quite profitable to you. If you are pursuing a course in law, medicine, engineering, fashion, designing, nursing, pharmacy & software design then your efforts will bring unique results. You are deeply learned in certain areas and have great treasures of learning and knowledge to impart.

Libra Personality
This year your capacities and intelligence will make you very capable in overcoming obstacles stumbling blocks and hindrances. You have a good ability to give other people a sense of responsibility or to even straighten up a group of undisciplined people. You do have leadership qualities and a command over ideas with a very well developed ability to take the initiative that results in success. You will have political shrewdness and be able to arouse and influence the masses. You can easily convince and influence people and are quite responsible, pragmatic and have practical business and administrative skills.


You may have presentation skills and whatever degree of them you have, you maximize the same with gusto being on a stage in front of an audience. With an excellent sense of aesthetics you understand the underlying principles of harmony and beauty. Your skills and dexterity or talents in art, music or related fields, will provide new opportunities or financial avenues for you. You have the skills of a performer and love taking centre stage. You have good timing in your actions which further enhances your business and professional skills.


You are skilled at planning your finances and your taxes. With an acute sense of values and finances you are good at planning your profits ahead of time. You may be skilled at handling and repairing cars and machines. You have a unique way of expressing your talents. There is likely to be an excellent ability to communicate on all levels speaking, writing etc. You are very skilful with your hands and you might have a strong creative talent. Sophisticated machines and technology catch your attention.
Libra Health Horoscope
You are likely to suffer from psychological problems, accidents while traveling, abdominal issues, digestive system, Blood-urine related issues and hip ailments that could involve pain in the hips, thighs, and legs. You may be prone to sore throat or choking. Your sensitive digestion and acidity related ailments might trouble you.


There is a possibility of an undiagnosed ailment in the stomach. You may have ear related problems. Since you are vulnerable to accidents please carry a good insurance cover. You should be careful whenever you are climbing or stepping on stairs.
Libra Love Horoscope
Romance and Love Life
You are highly romantic and extravagant and can be quite possessive in love. You are charming in disposition and attracted to the opposite sex but when you try to initiate things in the courtship game it often backfires. If you are single then you will seek a partner who is honourable, knowledgeable, and well respected. Be careful not to be too forceful in the process of creating a relationship.


You might be very easy-going about getting romantically involved. Libra in the year 2017 your marriage window will be open from 12th Sept 2017 for next 12 months. If you are already married then some of your life problems could be in the realm of romance and marriage .You may have some difficulties in marriage or relationships as you are too judgmental and fussy about how attractive your partner should be.


Apart from your married life you can be looking for romantic companionship elsewhere too. You may be involved in extramarital affairs so please be careful and refrain from indulging in such fantasies. Fights with your spouse can develop from a lack of reasonableness and disagreements with your spouse are possible. But in reality Marriage relationship will be the base of your prosperity.

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Social Life
This year you may develop some unusual friendships but your friends will be respected and have a good status. You have a few friends on whom you rely heavily and your friendship is quite close and long-term. Your friends may come from the lower echelons of life. You are a friendly person and are quite influential within your community along with having friends who support you in your endeavours. You have siblings or other allies, friends and close associates towards whom you are affectionate. You have a strong impact on your friends but sometimes are abrupt in your communication with them. You like to go to the rescue of your friends and also influence them towards getting their lives in order. You are thoughtful in your communication with your friends. There is a possibility that you have hidden rivals or enemies who work against you without your knowledge.


Your struggle may be largely invisible and those who have been at odds with you may also not be apparent. In moments of anger you may dart out at your enemies or lash out at friends. You are dear to people who are close to you. You may go through periods of adversity which damage your reputation but you will be a cornerstone with whatever group you associate with. You associate with groups, friends, clubs and organizations and initiate new contacts and communications which are useful in conducting business. Being socially unbalanced, you crave social contact and the assurance that others need you. You have helpful neighbours and are generally friendly to all. You have ties to unusual or noteworthy organizations that assist in furthering your goals. You are intelligent in your relationships with other people and knowledgeable about etiquette. Those who have hurt you also go through difficulties. Associations with foreigners or foreign countries will be beneficial and will widen your horizons.
Business, Profession and Career
This year you are aspiring, democratic, reserved, chaste, prudent and self-controlled. You are enterprising and don’t hesitate to take the initiative for fulfilling your highest desires and ambitions. Wanting recognition you seek an audience. You could be widely acclaimed for your efficiency in work. You are industrious and have great perseverance in your line of work. You work your way through difficulties to come out on top in the long run. You plan your career well all the way up to retirement. You can be a high-powered, productive worker or performer and willing to go to the very depths of any matter to achieve perfection in your work. There may be something about your work which brings it to the mental or psychological plane. You may employ unusual technology and then practice your chosen area of study very deeply.


You can be a conventional designer and craftsman or you could be a sculptor. By necessity you are an excellent financial manager. When you endeavour in new ventures you use your discrimination for effective planning. In business you will know both your camp and the opposite. You know which way the wind blows and are a sophisticated interpreter of the business world. You may succeed this year and attain financial security through partnerships. Due to your partner’s good business skills, success will be attained. You can be very successful if your profession involves banking, accountancy, finance, professional consultant, engineering, pharmacy, medicine, chemical engineering, architecture, & building merchant professional. It might even be your choice to work within the comforts of your own home.


You may have more than one source of activity due to your own enterprise. You have good moral values, and will enjoy good relationships with bosses, authorities or other people with power. You are economical, tactful and resourceful and could rise in life through these qualities. You derive benefit from people in high places, government and large companies. You will gain fame & your good interaction with everyone will further your name. Your career will not be limited or insignificant and on the contrary you are likely to be very successful and well known in many reputable places. You may be dependent on the opposite sex for advancement in life. You may have more than one job to make ends meet but could run into problems juggling your schedule. You may get secret or hidden support from foreigners.

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Property Investment
In the year 2017 an inheritance may come to you but it might be quite small. You will make good money and will always manage to make a good living. You seize every opportunity towards increased prosperity and will enjoy a secure income. There is an excellent indication of wealth both to you and also for your children. You will make much money and are always trying to make profit with your mind ever alert to possible gain.


You are independent and earn through your own ideas and efforts. You will go through money shortages will also accumulate wealth through hard work and perseverance. There will be a lot of hard work associated with accumulating wealth and you could have some unusual problems in reaping profits.


Your possessions will often be already used or old and rarely will you get new things easily. Your finances will be slow and only improve over time. You are sure that you deserve to get a lot of money and often you will but not always.
Libra Lucky Points

Libra main sentence for the year 2017:- I am.
Libra biggest talent for the year 2017:- Courage.
Libra biggest weakness for the year 2017:- Hurried Behaviour.
Libra Ambition for the year 2017:- Leadership.
Libra Lucky Days for the year 2017:- Sunday, Monday & Tuesday.
Libra unlucky Days for the year 2017:- Saturday.
Libra Lucky Colours for the year 2017:- Golden, White & Red.
Libra Unlucky Colours for the year 2017:- Navy Blue.
Libra Lucky Precious Stone for the year 2017:- You must wear very a fine quality Golden Yellow Sapphire in a gold square pendant around your neck. You must wear a Fine quality Diamond set in Platinum in your right hand’s middle finger.
Libra Millionaire facing direction for buying any property for the year 2017:- North & West.
Libra Unlucky Direction facing for the property for the year 2017:- South-West.

Libra Precautions for 2017

Refrain from burning milk or letting it go bad.
Don’t donate Milk and never pour it on a shivling.
Please always respect your mother, aunts and nieces.
Refrain from consuming any Alcohol, Sea food, Eggs and Non Vegetarian Food.
Refrain From keeping any Clutter, out of order electrical, electronic, mechanical goods, out of order wrist watches, alarm clocks, unused cables, wires, unused books, magazines, shankh, bell, statues, rakh, bhoobotia etc .
Respect your partner.
Never ever keep any form of TABBEZ, RAKH & BHOOBOTIA.
Do take care of your presentation.
Refrain from taking or buying any electrical electronic Goods, steel appliances & navy blue garments and refrain from doing any extension work wiring roofing etc.
You should never keep money that belongs to working class people.
Refrain from smoking.

Complications for Libra

You will have to run around to make a living and achieve comforts.
Beware of legal conflicts & family related arguments.
Health wise do take care of your lower abdomen, eyes, heart, blood pressure & any issues linked with Blood and Urine.
You can be very restless and upset and at times your sleep span could be quite disturbed.
You must refrain from any secret activities.

Chanting of the Year
Om Meditation

Chanting 1 for Medicinal Cure and Effects

”Aum Halreem Baglamukhi Sarav-Dustannam Vacchham Mukham Paddam Stambhayya Jeeh-Vaam Killiayya Budhim Veenaashayya Halreem Aum Savvhha”
Requirement :— Jug of water
Assan :– Mixed coloured Blanket
Time :– Between 00:00 am till 02:00am
Direction facing :– South
Time for chanting :– 60 minutes – 96 minutes – 144 minutes

Chanting 2 for achieving Rise and Boost

”Aum Aing Hrim Shrim Klim Hassoo Jagat-Prasuttayya ”
Requirement :– Jug of Water
Assan :– Mixed coloured Blanket
Time :– After 10pm
Direction facing :– West
Time for chanting :– 60 minutes – 96 minutes – 144 minutes

Tasks of the Year

Please take 11kg Dry Whole Coconuts and after touching to your forehead and rotating 11 times anti clockwise around your forehead dump them all in a deep lake on Saturday 1-6-11 TIMES.
Please flow 12 kg Chana Dal in a fast flowing River for 4-8-12 Thursdays.
Please soak 3kg whole moong dal in water on Tuesday and feed to the birds on Wednesday for 43-52 Wednesdays.
Please place a Silver Argla under your door step.
Please wrap 5kg black Sesame seeds in your worn pure wool jumper and keep it in your Bedroom at a level above your height or at the highest point you can find in your home.
Please keep a silver pot full of honey in the South-East Direction of your Residence.
Keep a brass ghaggar full of river water in the north east corner of your residence.
You must Pierce your left nostril on a Wednesday and wear a white metal stud for 43 days after which you got to take it off and flow in a fast moving river. Please ensure that you do not do any other task during this time.
You must either keep a black dog as a pet or donate chicken based dog feed to a dog home regularly.
You must wear a BUDH-ADITAYA YANTRA in a silver chain around your neck.
You must drink all liquids in a silver glass.
You must brush your teeth with fatkari or alum powder.
Time and again please organise a kanya pujan in a temple.
Do organise Langar in a temple during AMBASAYA.
Do fill a Jug of water and place next to your bed before you sleep and next day use that water for drinking & washing.
Do organise a Namak Chammak Rudra Abhishake but refrain from pouring any milk on the SHIVLING.
Do take 108 Plaash Leaves and wash in milk and then dig a hole in cultivated land and put all the 108 leaves in it and then please do place a stone on the leaves followed by filling up the hole.
Please do visit temple barefoot for 96 days.

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