Pisces Yearly Horoscope

Pisces Yearly Horoscope 2017

Pisces Yearly Horoscope 2017

Pisces yearly horoscope, from the start of the year till the 11th of September 2017 your lord Planet Jupiter will be transiting in your 7th House due to which your personality will glow like a star and you will develop a lot of social contacts. You will be quite impressive in your presentation and convincing power while also being quite sharp in your approach and actions. This year you will be valiant, famous and renowned. If you are unmarried then you will be married in this time period. Your joint ventures will be successful and your ability will be recognised and appreciated by professional people and organisations. There will be a rise in status and prestige and you will have all the support, encouragement and backing that you need. You will have to be very careful when it comes to marriage and relationship. Your hard work and well thoughtful efforts will be rewarded. From 12th Sept till the End of the Year 2017 your lord planet Jupiter will be transiting in the 8th House wherein you got to look after issues related to your lower abdomen and breathing. You must take care of your parents well being. Profession will offer struggles, complications and fluctuations. From the start of the year till the 25th of January 2017 Saturn will be transiting in your 9th House on account of which your expenditure will be quite high and you will face major fluctuations, issues and complications. However at the same time you will come across a lot of opportunities to achieve status and prestige. From 26th Jan till 20th June 2017 Saturn will be in the house of profession which will offer you status and prestige.

You will be involved in the dealing of car and property. At times expenditure could be sky high. Please take care of your marriage relationship. If your profession is related to IT, Architecture, Medicine, Trading, Politics, Builder merchant-construction, Petrol pump, Alcohol-Liquor merchant then your gains will be quite dignified. From 21st June till 25th Oct 2017 Saturn will be back in the 9th House due to which you will travel around and also face a few hardships, challenges and complications. You will at the same time come across quite a few financial and professional opportunities. Do take care of your health. From 26th Oct till the end of the year 2017 Saturn will be back in the 10th house wherein you got to be very careful about your business ventures, projects and your decisions & choices. Please review your attitude for your own good and try to bring the best out of you regarding your conduct and dealing. You got to be very careful about your business investments and all your financial and professional decisions. Please do consider your choices and be very disciplined for your own good. As long as you are driven, disciplined, devoted, sincere and on track then success will be yours. Saturn in 10th house means that either you will rise to the top and lead like a KING AND ACHIEVE EVERY THING or you will be history but you will be at your very BEST. From the start of the year till 8th Sept 2017 Your Rahu will be in your 6th House wherein your bravery and well determined efforts will bring unique success and prosperity.

You can accomplish impossible tasks and achieve dignified success, prosperity, name fame and establishment. From the start of the year till 8th Sept 2017 Your Ketu will be in the 12th House due to which you got to watch your expenditure. Over expenditure can be a problem. Beware of cheating and deception. Do take care of your health and energy level. With the help of your determination and creativity you will be able to overcome any kind of an adverse situation and issue. From the 9th Sept till the End of the year 2017 Rahu will be in the 5th House which will offer you a few setbacks and issues. At times your projects will be incomplete. Beware of any kind of legal complications, fine, penalty and punishment. You got to be very careful about your actions and if you are a professional student please be extra careful as you will face many issues in completion of your education. You got to take extra care if you are pregnant or would like to conceive a baby. Beware of any kind of an operation. From the 9th of September till the End of the year 2017 Ketu will be in the 11th House which will offer you major obstacles and delays. You will face a few fluctuations and come across quite a few changes and issues. Your diplomacy will help resolve a lot of issues and with the help of your firm belief & determination you will be able to achieve everything.

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Pisces Horoscope in 2017
General View

Your ways are simple and straightforward and you stick to your chosen path till you get what you want. You are sophisticated and thorough in your approach to accomplish your goal. Your whole year goes through changes. There are some parts of this year which are kept secret, and where you may do things that you will regret later as being unethical or inappropriate. You are unable to stay alone and your desires are often fulfilled and are lucky for others also.


Your best fortune takes time to build and manifest and you will have a hard time accessing your inner reservoir of affluence and good fortune. There will be large ups and downs before you arrive at your destination. You will have to work hard for everything but later you will realize that there is a divine support that you can count on. You rise and fall based on your popularity. You will probably be prosperous and travel frequently and also possibly live abroad.

Pisces Education Horoscope
Learning and Education

In the year 2017 you will work hard to attain educational goals and you will persist for a long time. You will have a good education and are quite learned with a high standard of scholarship. You will tend to plan your career carefully, including education and other related matters. You have an interest in higher learning and places of learning such as universities. You will have good teachers and they will support, guide and encourage you.


Teachers or institutions of higher education will be instrumental in opening up new opportunities for you in terms of financial gain. You will have a high standard for research and learning. You will experience religious or educational institutions as places that are disciplined and limiting personal freedom. Education as a basis for a successful career will come easily to you.


It feels as if all your attempts to expand your horizon or to achieve higher education or higher spiritual teaching will create unique rewards for you. You will be working at overcoming the domination of the five senses and eventually will succeed. If you are a professional student of Accountancy, Finance, IT, Law & Management then the results will be quite remarkable.

Pisces Personality
You are skilled to realize your goals with the strength of your ambitions and have the ability to overcome obstacles once you break out of the inertia. When it comes to achieving your goals, you will use methods of negotiating and mediating, and prior mental consideration. Your good mediating skill helps a lot in resolving conflicts. You are good at dealing with people and can be very clever in exerting your influence.


You are known for your can-do abilities and have excellent communication skills that you can apply well professionally. You are good at making legal contracts and agreements. You possess strong administrative skills especially in the fields of religion, education, publishing and law. You are responsible, pragmatic and have practical business and administrative skills.


You are computer literate and specialize in some complex technologies. You may have an ability to make medicinal substances, healing potions or chemical solutions. You have excellent mental stamina and valour with a keen ability to think your way through complications and difficulties. You may be interested in physical fitness.
Pisces Health Horoscope
You are likely to suffer from psychological problems, tensions & insecurities. It is possible that you have an emotional blockage, anxiety, or depression along with respiratory troubles and exposure to the cold. Your sensitive digestion and acidity related ailments might trouble you and you might have to deal with irritants in the rectum and lower abdomen. Intestinal problems and joint pains in the knees are possible. Parasites, possibly carried by pets, may be a concern.


There is a chance of developing an eye disease, especially the left eye, and possibly trouble with ears or nose. You may be susceptible to ear complaints. You may have a strange skin related ailments but will be able to overcome it by using natural remedies. Cold showers are an invigorating tonic. Be very careful to avoid accidents while traveling, driving, or climbing. After 8th of Sept 2017 beware of any sharp pain in your lower abdomen, chest and any kind of an operation.
Pisces Love Horoscope
Romance and Love Life
Your marriage window will be open till the 11th of September 2011 and there is a possibility that you can get married this year. You are very romantic and are easily captured by beauty besides being quite emotional in love related matters. You are very fussy about possible love partners and it is very important for you to have a personal one-to-one relationship. Relationships will bring you happiness and you will attract partners that are knowledgeable and have a good judgment. At times you feel like you have been “romancing the stone” and no matter how charming you make yourself to the object of your desire, she/he has no eyes for you. You are somewhat socially shy which could make you feel lonely or not able to fulfil your romantic needs. You can be overly optimistic and somewhat wasteful in relationships.


One or more romantic relationships may be lost or end due to reasons that are beyond your control. You will have more than one relationship in this year and due to strong desires there may be a tendency to have secret love affairs. Your actions are driven towards sensory satisfaction rather than moral values. You know well how to direct your energy to create pleasure both for yourself and for others. You will have strong desires particularly towards the opposite sex. Once you find yourself in a private or remote place you find it easier to show affection and enjoy yourself. In matters of love, you live and let live. You will bring your sense of honour and reputation into your one-to-one relationships, partnerships, or marriage.


Your partner’s behaviour may cause you to feel betrayed. Sometimes you project frustrations on those most close to you, especially on your spouse. Marriage may falter because expectations are placed too high. It is hard to simply accept and tolerate and you often show your love to your spouse by attempting to control him/her. The progress of your career is the most important issue in your marriage. Your spouse at times will be unable to understand the intricacies of your work and this can create a gap between you.

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Social Life
You usually have a few friends on whom you rely heavily. You have friends who may be older that you and at times quite weird. You are a tried and true friend and tend to create fair and pleasant friendships which grow and improve over time. You will have an affinity to powerful and career-oriented individuals. You may be too busy to spend as much time with friends as you’d like. You may feel oppressed by opposition or competition from enemies. You will have a good deal of opponents, competitors and critics who may disturb the process of success but you are likely to overcome them.


You have many ways to overcome enemies and though there will be pressures from enemies, opponents or competitors, which will oppress you, you will come out victorious after struggles and strife. You are successful in winning at disputes and people are proud of you and your accomplishments in addition to regarding you as an asset in their lives. You are well thought of in your community and are respected because of your attention to all details and persistence. You will be well known and connected to prosperous individuals. Beware of scandals and take care since you could be wrongly accused of misdeeds. You blossom in the public eye but maintaining positive relationships may be expensive at times. You can be easily misunderstood which can land you in difficulty.
Business, Profession and Career
You will be determined, devoted, focused, ambitious, single-minded and self-disciplined. You will have political ambitions and will see your highest aspirations and ambitions fulfilled. You will be devoted to career and status and will work hard to become unique. Pisces in the year 2017 you will work very hard and have to climb a long ladder to success. You want to be a player in a powerful arena and will use any means to gain your goals. You work your way through difficulties to come out on top in the long run. You will always be busy in projects, ventures, ideas and strategies. An ability to deal with details will be important in your work. This year you will succeed in your undertakings and stability will help make you feel more carefree. A job where talking and presenting and exhibiting are important is like mother’s milk to you. There may be a number of different projects in which you are involved with each one requiring a short learning curve to get going.


Your work skills are always improving and you do well in a public career or working for some special cause. Your profession will have a varied nature and will require adaptive skills. If employed in teaching or as a consultant you like the idea of going independent. You may engage in trade over great distances and be well known in distant and foreign places. You have a good executive and business ability. You will be interested in growing through business association with other associates. You have marketable skills and thus do not have to unduly worry about your means of livelihood. Buying and selling, making deals and networking are second nature to you. Your boss may think of you as indispensable and employers depend on your faithful assistance although they can be quite demanding or cause frustration. You can have reversals in your career due to secret jealousies or misunderstandings with your superiors. You can get very passionate about work and overcoming all obstacles. Careful thinking makes and helps you succeed in all your enterprises and gains the support of governing powers.


You prefer to keep to the main point rather than wasting time going into the underlying reasons for everything. You may be pushed into a position of authority before you are ready for it. You can gain a wide audience and being a leader are very visible in whatever you do. You are bound to find great success in this year along with respect and a good social status. You will be famous and respected and well respected in your occupation. Career-wise, you might have two or more irons in the fire at the same time. You will earn a great deal through consulting, accountancy, banking, finance, sales, IT, foreign dealings, work for hospitals, prisons, secret government service, research, criminology or veterinary work. You are likely to travel to foreign countries as part of your work. You will be famous, respected and be hard to defeat by anyone in your profession. Your approach to work will make you rise in authority and build a strong reputation in your profession.

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Property Investment
You are a good business person and try to keep your money safe. You acquire wealth through your expertise and your connections too bring you good income and success. Luck, friends, opportunities, partners all contribute positively to your income generating activities. This year an inheritance may come to you besides many opportunities to achieve prosperity. You will usually get the necessary resources in time and also be in command of significant resources. Wealth can come seemingly by itself at times. Your openness to opportunities brings you gains and prosperity and you try think of ways to free yourself and others from debt and taxes. You easily get things that make you comfortable. Silver, sugar, dairy products, cattle and liquids are all good investment vehicles. You will succeed wonderfully well at investments.


Spiritualism, religious pilgrimages, charitable and educational activities become your sphere for earning money. Anything to do with water, boating or overseas transport is lucky and also the car business, office supplies, advertising and media. Your earnings come from foreign countries. You can derive a foreign source of income which allows you to spend more and enjoy. You have to work to pay off debts and will have more than your fair share of vehicle related problems. You may help in building temples or the buildings of other charitable institutions. You will manage your expenses after much hard effort. You love to spend for learning and anything that promotes your business or spiritual expansion. A lot of money is spent on your appearance and you will do anything to look youthful. You tend to spend on causes that provide you comfort and pleasure.


A lot of money is spent on higher consultation acquiring skills and travel. You may invest in beautifying your environment. Though there will be some losses or theft there won’t be any explanation or understanding of how they happened. It might be difficult for you to strike a balance between income and expense and consequently you might often find yourself in debt. Frequently you will find yourself in debt or simply experiencing a lost opportunity as a result of bad decisions and ventures. You are drawn to gambling and have trouble meeting your expenses. Some expenses are incurred in secret. You may too easily try to solve problems by spending money while all that was needed was some effective use of resources already available.
Pisces Lucky Points

Pisces main sentence for the year 2017:- I believe.
Pisces biggest talent for the year 2017:- Sympathy & Concern.
Pisces biggest weakness for the year 2017:- Self infliction.
Pisces Ambition for the year 2017:- To become the greatest.
Pisces Lucky Days for the year 2017:- Thursday, Monday & Wednesday.
Pisces unlucky Day for the year 2017:– Tuesday.
Pisces Lucky Colours for the year 2017:- Golden, Yellow, Cream & Green.
Pisces Unlucky Colour for the year 2017:- Brown.
Pisces Lucky Precious Stone for the year 2017:- You must wear a very fine quality Golden Yellow Sapphire, Real salt water pearl & Real Sea Red Coral in a gold square pendant around your neck.
Pisces Millionaire facing direction for buying any property for the year 2017:- North-East & East facing properties.
Pisces UN Lucky Direction facing for the property for the year 2017:- South.

Pisces Precautions for 2017

Refrain from initiating any family relationship related argument and conflict.
Don’t ever become a false witness.
Please always respect your Wife, mother and sister.
Refrain from consuming any Alcohol, Sea food, Smoking, Eggs & Non Vegetarian Food.
Refrain From Keeping any temple Rakh, Bhoobotia, Shankh, Shivling & Statues in your Home.
Refrain from keeping any rusty tools or weapons in your house.
Never ever KEEP any form of TABBEZ, RAKH & BHOOBOTIA.
Do take care of your presentation & Looks.
Refrain from Keeping any out of order or unused electrical electronic Goods, steel appliances, out of order wrist watches alarm clocks unused books-magazines-empty bottles-empty pans-broken or chipped crockery mirror and any form of clutter.

Complications for Pisces

You must look after your marriage relationship & other personal relationships. At times your family related happiness could be missing.
Your personal relationships could be affected by issues like separation and disputes.
You can go through a lot of health issues, grief & animosity.
You might go through a lot of blame and lose your reputation.
You might be very disappointed and sometimes totally fed up.
Your Income might be low and expenditure very high.

Chanting of the Year
Om Meditation

Chanting 1 for Medicinal Cure and Effects

”Aum Nammo Bhagwatttya Vassudevayya”
Requirement :— Jug of water
Assan :– Mixed coloured Blanket
Time :– Between 3am-6:45pm
Direction facing :– East
Time for chanting :– 64 minutes – 96 minutes – 144 minutes

Chanting 2 for achieving Rise and Boost

”Aum Aing Hrim Shrim Klim Chaa-Mundayya-Vicchhaya”
Requirement :– Jug of Water
Assan :– Mixed coloured Blanket
Time :– After 9pm
Direction facing :– West
Time for chanting :– 64 minutes – 96 minutes – 144 minutes

Tasks of the Year

Please donate money and Food to a Blind school regularly.
Please wear a fine quality Golden Yellow Sapphire, Real Salt Water Pearl & Real Red Sea Coral in a Gold square pendant around your neck as a Pendant.
Please donate 110 Kg Basmati Rice to a temple langar on 2-10 Sundays.
Please keep a Brass Gaggar filled with river water and 12 Moon Yantras and place it in the North-West direction of your house.
Please keep fine silver grains in a Yantra silver box.
You must donate 12kg Sugar to a temple Langar for 1-12 Tuesdays.
You should organise a Nammak-Chammak Rudera Abhishek with Yellow Flowers.
Please bury 12 Blue flowers or White Flowers after writing your initials on each flower with blue ink in the ground every FRIDAY evening for the whole year.
You must either keep a black dog as a pet or donate chicken based dog food to a local dog home regularly.
You must keep six solid silver balls in your bag or pocket.
You must keep an octagonal Black mirror in your house.
You should keep your hair tied in a ponytail.

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