Taurus Yearly Horoscope

Taurus Yearly Horoscope 2017

Taurus Yearly Horoscope

Taurus yearly horoscope, From the Start of the year 2017 till the 11th of September Jupiter’s position will be in your 5th House which is a very important house of creativity. Due to this placement you will achieve success with the help of your vision and creativity but only after going through obstacles, delays and complications. You might develop a companionship with an older person. From 27th Jan 2017 till 30th May your Lord planet Venus will be in your 11th house Pisces wherein you will be able to develop all the financial opportunities that are there with the help of your creativity and wisdom. You will be in contact with a lot of professional and powerful people. You will be able to upgrade your knowledge, skill and ability and achieve comforts, luxuries and life style. From 31st May till 29th June 2017 Venus will be placed in your 12th house in Aries due to which you got to watch your conduct, temper and actions.

You will have to invest discipline and be on track otherwise you will face a downfall that will ruin you. There will be a lot of running around and secret relationships. Please take care of your relationship. From 29th June 2017 till 25th July Venus will be placed in your lagna on account of which a number of your complications will be resolved and you will achieve a feel good factor. You will be the centre of attraction. From 25th July till 20th Aug 2017 Venus will be in 2nd house which will make your position quite comfortable and blessed with resources. Your ability will be recognised and appreciated and most of your efforts will be handsomely rewarded. From 21st Aug 15th Sept 2017 Venus will be in your 3rd House which will ensure that you get all the support and encouragement that is required. You will achieve financial gain and success. From 16 Sept till 8 Oct 2017 Venus will be in your 4th House due to which your efforts will bring unique rewards for you provided you adopt the attitude of a fighter. From 9th Oct 2017 till 2nd Nov your Lord planet Venus will be in your 5th House in Virgo wherein your work hard will bring you dignified success. You can be worried due to your family reasons but with the help of your wisdom you will be able to sort your issues out. There will be secret tensions. Beware of foul and false people.

From 2nd Nov 2017 till 25th Nov your Lord planet Venus will be in your 6th House due to which you will come across a number of projects and ventures but you got to be more organised and sharp.From 26th Nov till 19th Dec 2017 Venus is in your 7th House due to which your hard work will bring you a unique and dignified success. You got to watch your temper. You will enjoy companionship and relationships. Health wise please look after all issues related to your lower abdomen, blood and urine.From 20th Dec till the end of the Year Venus will be in your 8th House on account of which you got to look after your family and romantic relationship. Beware of Blood and urine related health issues. Do watch your decisions’ and your conduct.

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Taurus Horoscope in 2017
General View

Taurus in the year 2017 can turn about and be upside down! The whole year 2017 will be full of challenges, hassles and conflicts. In the end you will acquire stability and security but only with a lot of determined effort after which you will be able to hold onto your gains. You might find yourself in important positions like leading an organisation. This year will force certain transformations which though unpleasant but will definitely have a purpose. Your confidence & drive will be your real assets. You might fall into a self-destructive downward spiral so please be wary of the same. Stay on guard and adopt a determined attitude which will pave the path towards success and fame.


You can run into huge trouble because of taking wrong decisions without careful consideration or by not being practical in your vision. Work may bring displeasure, challenges, complications, issues and frustration along with obstructed resources. Please be very careful with credit cards and borrowing money. If you imbibe spiritual practices like chanting then spiritual help will be there for you. You can get ahead in this year and be happy but everything really depends on your actions. Please be kind to others especially since you well know what it feels like to have a broken heart. Please be careful of your feelings of anger and frustration and don’t let them hurt others.

Taurus Education Horoscope
Learning and Education

Education, knowledge and skill will present the opportunity for you to enable your highest aspirations to be fulfilled. In this coming year if you are a student then you will have a good education & your academic results will be exceptional and you will be able to accomplish your academic goals. Your teachers will contribute a great deal towards success.


You could be a good researcher but if your area of study includes law, psychology, management, language, philosophical or political topics then the results will be quite remarkable. You may need to focus and concentrate on your studies for the completion of your education otherwise you can face a loss of drive and be distracted. There is no doubt that you are knowledgeable but you will have to organise your time, tasks and studies.


You will be able to achieve your objectives and create a unique position. You have a clear-cut perspective which will yield the best results in the fields of management, software designing, systems analysis & research. The more you research the more will you learn. You base this whole year on the knowledge you receive. Your passion is to achieve goals that will make you successful, famous and established. You will have great treasures of learning and knowledge to impart. You might feel vulnerable in some situations wherein you will need a clear head to make the right decision.

Taurus Personality
In the year 2017 you will act efficiently and intelligently and be especially good at solving short-term problems by taking quick action. You have a fine ability to present yourself and are quite capable of dealing with changing and unforeseen circumstances. You are known for your can-do abilities and are skilled at thinking in an organised manner in tune with the environment resulting in successful actions from the go. You might even have a special ability to sense the undercurrent in power-struggles and accordingly utilise this knowledge to your advantage.


You are responsible, pragmatic and have practical business and administrative skills. Possibly you also have very good research and investigative skills. Your ability to keep picking the right opportunities will bring you good fortune. You have good abilities in speculation and investing. Healing skill may also be seen perhaps as a massage therapist or a physical therapist. It may also be quite challenging you keep your sense of dignity in place under all circumstances. Your mind may be logically adept with an ability to constantly churn out new ideas in a bid to facilitate progress.


You have good imaginative and creative talents especially when it comes to larger integrative structures and implementing growth. You are definitely skillful in one of the arts or crafts a talent possibly inherited from your father. Perhaps you have a talent for singing or writing. Your intellect and discrimination ability may not function well under the wrong circumstances. Physical work will let you apply your abundant energy in a proper way. You may be adept in some kind of outdoor sports and quite likely are fond of outdoor sports.
Taurus Health Horoscope
Your vitality may be at a low periodically further contributing to health problems. Take care of your physical health especially since you are prone to suffer from a minor ailment. You are likely to suffer from psychological problems, accidents while travelling, lung diseases, and hip ailments that could involve pain in the hips, thighs, and legs. Sleep could be disturbed due to stress and tension.


If you do not get enough rest then you may feel that your mind and nervous system are easily imbalanced. Health can be frail and might be influenced by emotional disturbance. Your sensitive digestion and acidity related ailments might trouble you. You may suffer from diseases possibly overheating of some sort and your eyesight may suffer. Your skin may be very sensitive and might even need some medical attention at times. You should be careful while boating. Do not indulge in activities like mountain climbing and skydiving.
Taurus Love Horoscope
Romance and Love Life
You have an affectionate & expressive way of attracting the other sex and are quite passionate in your love relationships. You have a strong passions for things or people you desire. It can be difficult for you to consistently maintain effective communications in relationships. You may experience some distress and a lack of communication, understanding and closeness in your relationships with the opposite sex. Relationships are open and stable and more often than not related to your work in one way or the other. Your sexual desires may be unusual and your sensuality may turn into indolence and prevent you from attaining full success. You may be hypersensitive in your marital life and have disharmonious sexual relations.


You are a very stable partner. A partnership may be instrumental to achieve success and status. Your marital relation is a most important factor in this coming year 2017 and you can be positively obsessed with your partner. At times, your marriage/ relationship may keep you distracted or obsessed. You are kind and helpful to your spouse. You bring your sense of honour and reputation into your one-to-one relationships, partnerships, or marriage but you have trouble maintaining long-term relationships or marriage due to your communication and attitude. Partnerships including marriage are restrictive to you but you accept circumstances for better or for worse. You tend to take a very cautious approach to marriage/relationship and there is a likelihood that your marriage will be delayed due to communication related issues.


You will be blessed with marital bliss in the latter half of the year 2017. An effective marriage is more likely to take place later than sooner. You and your spouse have generally good communication but a few times questions of separation may arise due to a communication gap or detachment. You show your love to your spouse by attempting to control him/her. Your “take-charge” personality is felt at home and you tend to manage your spouse’s affairs wherever possible. Your partner may spend a lot of time at work. Marriage will bring prosperity and success will be found in partnerships or even with the help of your spouse. Your spouse may be involved in your career. It is quite likely that you meet your spouse in a workplace and the marriage could be oriented around work, status, success, and reputation. The progress of your career is the most important issue in your marriage.

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Social Life
You are attracted towards people who are virtuous and knowledgeable and share their wisdom freely with you. It is difficult to maintain close friendship with people who are happy and balanced. You will have many fruitful friendships that help you fulfil your ambitions and you will be quite devoted to good friends. You have a natural affinity towards powerful and career-oriented individuals. Friendships will often see long separations or breaks in regular communication. You will have a number of opponents, competitors and critics who may disturb the process of your achieving success more likely than not you will be able to overcome them. Your enemies may be intellectuals but they will not be able to succeed. You can easily poke holes in your enemies’ methods. Your opponents are let down by their employees, students or children, whereas you are helped by your employees, students, or children. There are often questions and uncertainty as to how you really feel and think about a situation.


You are the can-do person that everyone looks to for direction. You enjoy a reputed position in society and may have status and power. It is likely that at least once you will lose a hard earned position or reputation. Many people will seek you out for wise counsel. Reputation is a big factor in your life for good or bad. In extreme cases you might lose a high position due to treachery or an adverse public reaction. You blossom in the public eye even if it is an audience of one. Congenial and hospitable, you are highly social and enjoy entertaining your neighbours, friends and relatives. You may be a gadfly or a thorn in the side of the establishment undermining authority whenever possible. Generally you are a supportive person and may have spontaneous and intuitive insights into situations and people. You may have to face separation from people who are dear to you. You may cause unnecessary dramas and traumas for those around you but your counsel to people can be immensely helpful even though they might not always be receptive to it. Dealing with simple, honest people puts your heart and mind at peace and is like an antidote to your tendency to attract commotion. Overall you will have good relationships and the ability to love and be loved. Your children, employees and students may go through stages of transformation that may involve struggles before they come into happiness and prosperity. Interpersonal relationships are unemotional and cool. As a sophisticated and cosmopolitan person you relate very well to foreigners.
Business, Profession and Career
This year you will be aspiring, democratic, reserved, chaste, prudent and self-controlled. You will work hard in your occupation and this will pave the path for progress. At times you will experience a lack of drive motivation and even your aim to get work done. You are a hard worker but prone to gaps in your career. You are hard-working and may have to travel long gruelling distances to complete your work. You could be widely acclaimed for your efficiency in work. You may be seriously committed to your work and might not give up till you have achieved your goals. You want to be a player in a powerful arena and will use any means to gain your goals. You are practical, energetic and courageous in your efforts to succeed in your career or business. You may have to deal with a lot of personal and professional conflicting situations. Your work skills are always improving and you are a good example of a professional trained on the job. You can be an excellent manager and administrator and are quite skilled in the business end of whatever organization you belong to.


You keep a close eye on the bottom line when making business decisions and partnerships are important to you in every sphere. Your partner may be an older person or a somewhat serious and sober individual. You may work in a partnership or independently. Partnerships in this year tend to be dutiful and improve over time and will play an important part in your career. Any initiative that you might show in the fields of entrepreneurship and investments is destined for success. You like to work independently, but it may take some time before your career allows full independence. You can be hardboiled when it comes to your business interests. You are courageous, assertive and pushing in your work but in an irregular, impulsive kind of way. You have an ability to be practical and steady in business dealings without getting caught emotionally. You may rise in power and also associate with powerful people and get honours, recognition and titles. You are a status seeker drawn to other status seekers. You are a leader and very visible in whatever you do. You are bound to find great success in life, respect and a good social status either with or through your partner or spouse. You rise through favour from people in power and gain only moderately from the help of your father and teachers partly because you may be sceptical of their teachings to begin with. You will rise high in reputation and fame and will be victorious in contests and competitions. You try to make everything you touch appear stylish to optimise your chances of success in your career.


You are a respectable individual who is likely to achieve great success in life and enjoy happiness on all levels. Taking chances for you usually yields success. You have a lot of energy on account of which you will succeed in your career. You are skilled at managing your finances and your career. Taurus You act and work with grace, getting your work done with polish. You will build up your career successfully by working in a motivated manner and by taking independent initiatives. You will achieve a higher level of success after your middle age. Success will be yours in the latter half of the year. Your progress involves breaks and losses and there will be some obstruction or delay in your career development. You are interested in foreign affairs and may have business with international contacts. You are likely to travel to foreign countries as part of your work and will enjoy the same fully. You will get some of your work done and enhance your reputation using subtle spiritual or esoteric power and patience. It may need hard work and a lapse of time but in the end you will succeed in creating a professional reputation for yourself. There will be public recognition of your work and a lucrative career. You are an inspiration to those working under you. You will be recognized in your professional field and known and respected by many. Your reputation may be challenged or damaged at some time and there might be some problems in your career or your reputation involving women.

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Property Investment
You are very clever in the way you invest or acquire new resources. You are constantly involved with your business affairs to increase your earnings. Financially it will take a lot of work to make the grade. Investments in the field of real estate are not likely to be profitable. Financially you may gain substantially but you got to be very careful when it comes to investments as you might suffer speculative losses. You may incur debts and need to refrain from gambling.
Taurus Lucky Points

Taurus most important sentence for the year 2017 :— I Have.
Taurus biggest asset/strength for the year 2017 :– Patience & devotion.
Taurus biggest weakness for the year 2017 :– Not Surrendering & Wilfulness.
Taurus Ambition for the year 2017 :– Fame & Social Status.
Taurus Lucky Days for the year 2017 :– Friday, Thursday & Saturday.
Taurus unlucky Day for the year 2017 :— Sunday & Wednesday.
Taurus Lucky Colours for the year 2017 :– Silver, Golden & Blue.
Taurus Unlucky Colour for the year 2017 :– Green & Dark Navy.
Taurus Lucky Precious Stone for the year 2017 :– Ruby, Emerald and golden yellow sapphire in a gold square pendant around your neck to achieve Status, Prestige, Honour, Confidence, Drive, Vision, Imagination & Stability.Please do wear Blue Sapphire and Diamond in platinum in your right hand’s middle finger for enhancement in your Business, Profession, Career, Health, Luck, Prosperity and Defending against any crisis.
Taurus Millionaire facing direction for buying any property for the year 2017 :- West & North.
Taurus Unlucky Direction facing for the property for the year 2017 :- — South-West.

Taurus Precautions for 2017

Refrain from all kinds of family related conflicts and arguments and maintain harmonious relationships with your In-laws;
Don’t donate Milk and never pour milk on a Shivling;
Never burn Milk or make Paneer;
Refrain from accepting or eating any langar or temple Prasad and also avoid any free gifts or favours;
Refrain from smoking, alcohol, non-veg food including sea food, eggs etc.;
Eat your meals in the Kitchen..

Complications for Taurus

You might face professional fluctuations and issues related to an inheritance.
You will be involved in a lot of family and profession related conflicts, arguments and issues.
There will be professional setbacks and a down fall in your profession.
There will be a lot of restlessness, tension, insecurity and uncertainty.
Beware of tension and depression.
You will face a number of obstacles, delays and hindrances in accomplishment of your goals.

Chanting of the Year
Om Meditation

Chanting 1 for Medicinal Cure and Effects

”Aing Hrim Bhur Bhuvah Swaha Aing Hrim Tat Savitur Varnayyaum Aing Hrim Bhargo Deh Vassays Dhee-Mahi Aing Hrim Dhiyyoo Yooo Naha Prachoo-Dayyat Aing Hrim”
Requirement :— Jug of water
Assan :– Mixed coloured Blanket
Time :– Night Time after 10pm
Direction facing :– West
Time for chanting :– 48 minutes – 96 minutes – 144 minutes

Chanting 2 for achieving Rise and Boost

””Aum Gum Ganpatya Nammhha Aik Dantay Vidhmahay Vakkara Tundaya Dhee-Mahi Tanno Danti Prachho Dayyat Aum Gum Ganpatya Nammhha” ”
Requirement :– Jug of Water
Assan :– Mixed coloured Blanket
Time :– Between Between 3am- 6:45am
Direction facing :– North-East
Time for chanting :– 48 minutes – 96 minutes – 144 minutes

Tasks of the Year

Please donate whole meal atta equal to your own weight and whole Moong Dal also equal to your own weight to a temple langar for 8 Sundays;
Please donate 5kg Haldi powder to a temple langar for 9 Thursdays;
Please dump 6kg Dry whole coconuts after touching each one to your forehead and rotating Anti clock wise 12 times around your forehead in a deep lake for 6 Wednesdays;
Please wrap 10kg Black Sesame seeds in your own pure woollen Jumper and keep it at a height higher than your own height in your Bedroom;
Please keep 1kg Honey in a Clay pot in your house in a South-East direction;
You must keep fine silver astrologically processed and activated grains in a Silver box in your house;
Do pierce your left nostril and wear a white metal stud for 86 or 129 days and after that flow it in a fast flowing river. Please do not perform any other astrological task during this time;
Please try and wear black under garments;
You must keep a black dog as a pet;
You and your partner must wash your body with the mixture of milk and yoghurt;
Please fill shakkar in a 4 feet long steel pipe with a diameter of 2 inches and bury in a farm field on a Saturday;
Please fill an astrologically charged Silver Yantra Box with honey and bury in your house premises.

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