Marriage Window and Relationship Happiness

In this case study the caller wants to find out when he will get married. Prakash astrologer studies the native’s horoscope and replies that his marriage window would be opening from August this year but it will be ultimately up to him whether he really wants to marry at this time and if the circumstances will allow the same. The native then adds that he would like to first get a proper job and then after settling down professionally he would himself like to marry after 2 years.

Conceiving A Baby

In this Case Study Prakash astrologer studies the birth horoscopes or kundalis of the caller and his wife and asks the caller if he ever got a marriage compatibility done before his marriage. To this the caller sheepishly replies that at the time he had no faith in astrology and besides knew the girl from before. Prakash then asks what the problem is to which the native replies that despite trying for quite some time he and his wife are unable to conceive a child and around two years back the wife had suffered a miscarriage.

Prakash replies that there is a lock on the birth of a child in the wife’s horoscope and also there are some problems in the husband’s too. The marriage is now 4 years old and the astro remedies should have ideally been performed before that. Prakash says that the wife’s kundali has a pitri dosh present due to which stomach related ailments and women’s health problems related to menstrual cycle etc will occur. Due to the magnitude of the dosh a personal consultation is advised as it will take some intensive remedies to combat the situation and the couple cannot afford to take any shortcut or cut corners.

Financial Astrology Prediction

In this Case Study the caller wants to find out about his financial situation and future prospects. When Prakash astrologer asks the caller if he is working the caller replies that he is a cashier at a gas station. Prakash astrologer states that in the native’s horoscope there is present a Chandrama Maha Dasha till the year 2018.

Normally such a dasha gives financial stability to the native but in this case due to the positioning and effect of two planets namely Sun and Mars the native is not getting the same. These two planets in fact are causing the native to incur expenditure and unnecessary expense etc. The native further adds that whatever he earns he ends up spending with no savings left at all.