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Astrology Channels

Astrology is a Vedic science that takes in consideration the subtle yet powerful influence of the universe or cosmos on our individual lives. The planets or Grahas interact with the planet earth continuously and have a profound effect by way of their immense magnetic and gravitational fields. It is not illogical thereby to conclude that they also exert a similar influence on the inhabitants themselves too.

Many a time the question arises in our minds as to why we are facing a particular situation mostly when it’s not a pleasant or enjoyable one. One tends to question Nature or God as to the reason behind us going through a particularly harrowing time when personally we have not caused any harm to anyone! This is explained by the Law of Karma which takes into account not just your deeds in this present life but also in your past. Everything we do is accounted for and we are eternally responsible for our actions both good and bad.

Astrology endeavours to interpret the law of Karma by also shedding light on the importance of fate and free will. Fate being the direct result of our accumulated karma and free will being the lever we can employ to shape our future by our present actions or deeds.

Astrology is in fact a celestial weapon that one can arm himself with against the ruthless onslaught of fate and also helps alleviate our anxiety and uncertainty related to the future.

Prakash astrologer calculates the position of the planets as at the time of an individual’s birth and then derives useful information by an expert interpretation of the same. The heritage employed includes the 12 Zodiac signs, 9 Planets and an additional 27 fold division of the Zodiac called Constellations or Nakshatras. Also employed towards the final interpretation are the Dashas that is a system of planetary periods of transit.

In a nutshell Prakash astrologer can help you by using astrology in five different areas namely:

Kama – related to Family and relationship issues including marital life, marriage compatibility, children, domestic bliss etc

Artha – related to your Financial situation, Business, Investments etc

Dharma – related to your Career or Vocation

Moksha – related to your Self awareness, Spirituality, Cosmic Knowledge etc

Arogya – related to your physical and mental health and well being.

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Astrology Channels