When is it a good time to change jobs?

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Timing is everything in life and especially so in professional life. At times in the course of our professional lives we come to a juncture where we want to change our jobs or career out of choice or compulsion. What then is the right time to effect this change? This is an extremely important decision that one should not take blindfolded and reduce it to a casino game!

The right decision to change at the right point in time can bear dividends beyond our imagination but the same decision at the wrong time can spell doom! In the Vedic system of astrology an expert astrologer conducts an in depth customized study of the native’s horoscope and takes into consideration of the planetary influences etc to then prescribe the best time for effecting a change be it in a job or an entire career path.

Please don’t rush into such decisions and that too with your eyes closed. The bible rightly remarks that Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Even a right decision at the wrong time can serve to be extremely counter-productive and serve to add only misery and frustration. It can not only prevent future benefits but also create serious repercussions which will erode your very fabric so beware of taking such a huge decision lightly.

The whole year is divided in 12 months and then even one whole month changes from a day to day basis in respect of your luck, achievements, mood etc. This is due to the planetary influence which needs to be taken into account before the native effects a change in his her job or career.

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