When will I be able to conceive a baby?

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Most of the married women and even in some cases single ladies are very desirous of conceiving a child which is one of the most natural things in life and also central to the world’s functioning.

While some are lucky enough to simply go ahead and have children there are a lot of us who are unable to do so. Even after extensive medical tests at times doctors and fertility clinics are unable to help and then the only option that remains is the assistance of an expert astrologer.

Not surprisingly Astrology hold the key to revealing to a native the possibility of her conceiving a child and also if there is something in the horoscope that is acting as an obstacle towards this objective. The desire to have children is much more potent and strong than just making more money and even the richest amongst us feel incomplete in the absence of progeny who could carry their name ahead in the world long after they themselves are gone.

What is most important in such a scenario is the fact that an Astrologer will not just inform the native of the specific Grah or Planet that is obstructing conceiving but also he will suggest some specialized and customized remedies and measures. These Astro remedies and measures are not generic or general and are given to individuals after an in-depth study of their personal horoscopes.

It is not a one size fits all policy and one must ensure that the remedy they are following is only after a personal and direct consultation with an expert astrologer and not based on hearsay.

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We endeavour at best to get back to you within 7 to 14 days.



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