Why am i not succeeding in my subjects?

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Many a time Students are confounded with failure in the chosen educational stream despite putting in considerable and honest effort. In such situations it’s not wise or fair to simply blame the student for lack of effort but to actually take a holistic view with aid of Vedic astrology.

Astrology states that all education subjects are not a good fit for all students and the one size approach does not pay dividends. An expert astrology practitioner is able to conduct an in-depth study of the student’s stars and horoscope towards guiding him/her to the right subjects that would be ideal for them.

Just like marriage compatibility and affinity with certain things students too are destined to perform well in some subjects while in others that are not astrologically compatible they will face an uphill task marred by disappointment and failure.

Einstein excelled in physics but if he were to have taken to literature it is quite doubtful that he would have become another Shakespeare! In the same way we cannot possibly treat all students like similar peas in a pod. Each one is unique and resultantly is positioned to succeed and reap benefits only in certain subjects not all.

This topic is of vital and utmost importance and needs to be handled carefully only by an expert astrologer who can prescribe a sure shot recipe for educational success. However please do keep in mind that even with the right subjects effort still is required from the students side difference being that with the wrong subjects even doubling the effort will not make any difference to the results.

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