Career and Profession

In this case study the caller wants to find out about the future prospects of her son specifically about his career, job and marriage. Prakash astrologer studies the horoscope and asks what the native is currently doing to which the caller replies that he is employed and is working. Prakash adds that the current time is quite tough and demanding and will remain so till June 2018. This is due to Rahu’s Antar-dasha in Shani due to which the native needs to be wary of financial loss and take all finance related decisions very carefully.

Prakash adds that the native is a very independent thinker and stubborn and won’t even listen to other people’s views leave alone take their advise. The native is not a child who can be made to understand and is now over 28 years old and is somewhat selfish as per his own needs. Stubborn attitude is dominant and he will do what he wants be it right or wrong. The caller then asks after the Astro remedies to which Prakash astrologer says that the first thing to do is to place 2kg barley next to the native’s bedside and every other day feed it to the birds. This will destroy the chandal dosh but it has to be done regularly at least 240 times. Then the native is to donate a mixed colour blanket, bananas and some money to a religious priest. Next in order to add to the native’s thinking prowess and encourage adoption of a creative and positive attitude he should wear a fine quality ruby, yellow sapphire and pearl around his neck.