Complications, Financial Losses and Kaal Sarap

In this case study the caller wants to know about his future prospects especially related to finances and health. Prakash astrologer studies the Kundali and states that the caller ie the native has a Nandi Yog and a Kal Sarp Yog in his Kundali or horoscope which will create health related issues especially to do with blood, urine, bladders, kidneys, legs and feet. The native adds that he migrated to Dubai almost 7 years back but things haven’t been going well for him at all. Prakash clarifies that the time at the moment is quite tough even though there is a Chandrama Dasha going on till July 2017 which wants to give the native everything he desires but due to Shani and Rahu combining together to form a Nandi Yog everything is being ruined.

This needs to be addressed as these two planets are dominating the entire Kundali and having an adverse effect on the health and wealth of the native. Kal Sarp Yoga AND Nandi Yog and then Rahu after the age of 42 years are together destroying everything. Furthermore Astro remedies need to be done to tackle these and notice has to be taken of the fact that Venus is burnt which means that the body will lose its inherent beauty and there will be financial loss, debts and sickness related to blood, nervous system, kidneys will occur. The native could also be rendered handicapped due to loss of a limb for the same reasons. The Moon is trying to support the native but is ineffective in face of three combinations namely Saturn & Rahu; Sun & Venus and Mars and Mercury all of whom are totally wrong.