Marriage Relationship

In this case study the caller wants to know about her son’s second marriage. She says that his first marriage ended in a divorce and now she wants to know about the prospects of the second one. Prakash astrologer studies the horoscope of the native and remarks that the native is Manglik with the planets Sun & Mercury positioned in his 8th house wherein the marriage partner, no matter who she is, will not get along with him and the relationship will always end in grief and separation.

Prakash astrologer further adds that the caller in the capacity of a parent has a duty to perform the required Astro remedies and resolve the native’s manglik factor and then correct the positioning of both Sun and Mercury. On being asked about the remedies the caller is informed that some remedies can be given on the live show but a full detail can only be given in a personal consultation. The first remedy is for the native to wear in his right hand ring finger a ring with three bands of fine gold, red gold and silver. Next the native should wear around his neck a fine quality columbian emerald and a ruby like a pendant. After this is the task of organizing a special ‘Mangla chandika pujan’ which has to be supplemented with 150000 chanting of a special mantra.

Love Astrology

Love Astrology The oft mentioned saying Love is in the stars is actually much more than a saying as it reflects the power of Astrology to actually map out an individuals love life and also pin point features like if he or she is destined to find true love and compatible companionship. Vedic astrology is…