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Business and Future prospects


Business and Future prospects

In this case study the caller wants to find out about the future prospects of setting up a new business in the domain of international shipping. He adds that he had a company in this area but it was merged with a bigger one and now he is aimless and looking for direction. Prakash studies the kundali and states that there is a Chandal dosh; Kaal sarp yog and a Chandra graham in the horoscope. Moreover Prakash adds that in January 2012 the Brihaspati Dasha started which would have normally been great for the native but due to the afflictions the current dosh’s are attacking the income sources besides creating challenging situations and problems one after another.

The situation is like that of a driver who wants to drive but all four tyres of his car are punctured! Pitr Dosh is present in the horoscope and needs to be remedied comprehensively or the coming 12 years will destroy the native and ruin him completely. Prakash remarks that the native has a high level of capability and competence that is similar to that of a CEO but the doshas present are destroying this worth. Normally the native would have been peaking at the ages of 32, 39, 47 but instead life was full of uncertainty and problems. Raj Yog is present in the kundali but is not being able to get activated due to the present afflictions.

The Caller asks about his chances if he were to migrate to India to which Prakash says that his destiny would follow him everywhere and by changing one’s country one cannot change his kaal. Prakash informs the caller that due to the presence of various doshas as mentioned a detailed and comprehensive private consultation would be required but the native should take remedial action soon or the chandal yog would destroy whatever little financial sum he is now left with. The native is finally asked to be wary of cheating, deception and fraud in addition to being careful of health related issues with his stomach and heart. In 4 last years a lot has been destroyed and now the native’s will should be there to remedy the whole situation.