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Business and Future


Business and Future

In this Case Study the caller wants to know about his work and future prospects. He says that he was in international shipping but now recently had to merge with another firm and is currently without any direction. Prakash astrologer studies his kundali and remarks that there is a chandal dosh, kal sarp yog and Chandra graham present in the horoscope. After the year 2012 brihaspati dasha should have brought the native a lot of benefits but due to chandal yog everything was ruined and income was destroyed and challenging and trying situations became the norm.

This dasha will prevail till 2028 January but no benefit will be there unless the horoscope problems are resolved. Prakash adds that the Pitri dosh has to be combated effectively and with the right attitude or there won’t be any change. The native has the ability and potential to run a business as a CEO but due to the moon eclipse, chandal dosh and kal sarp yog the full potential has not been realized. At the ages of 32, 39 and 47 the native should have peaked due to the Raj Yog but even this was destroyed by the astrological afflictions in the kundali.

The native asks whether a shift from the USA back to India would help to which Prakash replies that the effect of the stars and grahas is not country specific and that kal will follow the native no matter where he goes wherein migration is meaningless. The astro remedies are there which can help normalize things but it will be a very big project and the native is asked to seek a personal consultation for more details etc. The native’s situation is like that of an owner of a very fine Rolls Royce who doesn’t have the keys.

If the native succeeds in resolving the three aspects detailed then he would be able to enjoy raj yog for the next 12 years otherwise people will even rob him of whatever little is left. Since the last 4 years a lot of loss has been incurred but even now it’s not too late to reverse everything. Prakash finally adds that the native is neither retired nor tired and that he should use the fire in his belly to tackle his horoscope afflictions and be healthy, happy and financially well off.