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Career in Medicine


Career in Medicine

In this case study the caller wants to find out about her daughters future academic career and university prospects. She says that her daughter is thinking of enrolling in the medical stream but is confused if that would be the best choice for her. Prakash astrologer studies the native’s horoscope and remarks that a career in medicine would be fine but it will require a lot of effort and discipline to complete it successfully. Prakash clarifies that all professional streams of study are demanding and hard but to keep in mind that it is a passport to leading a good life and achieving happiness and contentment.

In this case Prakash states that the native should go in for the medical option and if she doesn’t she will definitely regret it later besides being temperamental, rude and aimless. To smoothen the way some Astro remedies are prescribed. The native is asked to wear around her neck or in her right hand index finger a fine quality blue sapphire and diamond set in platinum. Next is to wear a golden yellow sapphire in a gold chain around her neck. This is quite important to ensure that the native doesn’t lose her drive and also to help build up her confidence. If no astro remedies are done the native could become quite bitter and have no achievements and further down the line the same grahas could create problems in her marriage and at the same time cause health issues. 500gm black salt is to be buried in the ground on Saturday mornings 11 times.

Prakash clarifies that currently the house governing education is weak but due to Moon being prominent a professional qualification in medicine is possible. Saturn is placed together with the Moon and both the planets are in fact negating each others’ good effects. A combination of Venus and Saturn is required which would ensure the syncing of the native’s creativity, vision and luck.