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Career in Medicine


Career in Medicine

In this Case Study the caller wants to know about the education and career prospects of her daughter who is scheduled to apply for university. The native is thinking of going in the medical stream but is unsure. Prakash studies the horoscope and remarks that medical stream is okay but it will involve a lot of effort along with considerable amounts of discipline, dedication and motivation. The best career choice should be one that is of the native’s own choice and will and the parent is asked to not make it a prestige issue. Education would be like a passport to a better life for the native and a source of happiness and contentment.

The caller is then told that if she wants the native to become a professionally qualified person then two things are to be done immediately. First is to get the native to wear in the right hand index finger a very fine quality blue sapphire and diamond; then around her neck she should wear a fine quality golden yellow sapphire. This will improve the native’s drive, vision and help her focus on her qualification. The native can be quite outspoken, rude and bitter and if no remedies are done then she will also face women health problems and marital issues later on.

Another remedy is to bury 500gm black salt in the ground on Saturday mornings at least 11 times. Along with these remedies if hard work and discipline is present then the native will have a better chance to become qualified as a professional. Currently the education planet ie Moon is not so prominent and if it is raised then medical stream would be a good choice but not that easy. Furthermore Saturn and Moon are destroying each other and what is required is to enable a combination of Saturn and Venus which will give the native creativity, vision and luck. 8 religious priests are to be donated a mixed colour blanket, bananas and some money; 8kg chana dal and 2kg haldi is to be donated to a temple langar for 8 Thursdays; 8kg barley is to be fed to the birds in a park and a Kanya pujan is to be organized after which little girls are to be given gifts, money etc at the temple or the house.

These astro remedies will make the destiny of the native truly shine. Prakash adds that on basis of his 27 years of astro-consulting experience he has realized that some children are wild while others are domestic. The wild children can be sent anywhere and they survive but the domestic ones have to be nurtured. The native s a domestic child and needs to stay with her mother and will require her support. The native needs constant support and if the required emotional support is given then desired results can be obtained otherwise not.

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