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Conceiving a Baby


Conceiving a Baby

In this case study the caller wants to find out about his marriage and child compatibility. Prakash astrologer takes a look at the horoscopes and asks the caller if he got a compatibility matching done to which the caller replies that since he knew his partner before and was never into astrological stuff he never got it done. The caller further adds that despite them having tried for a baby time and again it’s not materializing and around three years back his wife did get pregnant but had a miscarriage. Prakash astrologer states that in the wife’s kundali there is a big lock and the same is present even in the caller’s horoscope. If a professional astrologer had been consulted before marriage then this kind of a situation could have been averted but now it’s already four years late and the problem has in the meantime grown bigger.

Pitr dosh is the main issue due to which no child was being conceived and it would be only after a astro remedy for this dosh that chances would be there for a baby. Both the husband and wife are asked to have a detailed and intensive consultation as the remedies are not of a small nature. Furthermore Prakash adds that if the wife of the caller develops a stomach related health problem or her menstrual cycle is upset or her stomach increases in size then that would mean the astrological problem has increased in magnitude. Moreover on top of the pitr dosh there are five planets in the wife’s kundali that need to be fixed astrologically. After the 14th of July this year the child yog has started and would be there till the 10th of August but it would work only if the kundalis are free from all afflictions. This chance for a baby is the first time after marriage so the couple is asked to make the most of it and try their best to do the Pitr dosh nivaran before the window closes.

As of now the natives are already running late and even after the nivaran it would not be a 100% as in the 7th month Rahu has entered the kundali and formed a chandal yog which will also need to be addressed. Rahu entered on the on 5th of January and then in addition Brihaspati has to be strengthened. Currently there are issues in the marriage relationship and a mental detachment has set in which if left unchecked can even destroy the entire relationship. If astro remedies are not done on time asap a huge rift will develop on top of th existing major faults in the marriage compatibility. Karma and Destiny always play their role and now the couple has only 7 month sto remedy everything in their kundalis if they want to conceive a child. The caller then asks about opening a new electronics store to which Prakash replies that the time between 20th of February and 15th of June is fine for the same. Resolve Your Conceiving a Baby Situation