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Education Astrology Predictions


Education Astrology Predictions

Every parent in the world is desirous of his or her child getting an education that is par excellence as they well know that it is something that once imparted will always stay with the child unlike wealth and riches which can be spent in moments and is the most fickle by its very nature.

Vedic Astrology can aid us greatly in understanding the level of education that an individual can attain and also the type of education that is most likely to help him achieve success.

Educational aspects are interpreted by an astrological analysis of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and the 9th house of an individual along with of course the particular lord of the horoscope. Generally speaking the 2nd house is referred to as the house of education and its analysis can bear many details about the same. The 5th house in turn indicates the level and possibility of the native achieving an educational degree. The 9th house actually informs us of the prospects of higher education and the inherent capability of the individual to achieve this.

Vedic Astrology is instrumental in helping one decide on the right career and the best subjects of study. It will also determine whether your education is the right path for you and if you stand to derive any benefit from the same in the future.

Vedic astrology can serve well to illuminate the correct way to follow for students who want to achieve academic excellence and educational success. The placement of Mercury and Jupiter in respect of their influence on the 2nd and the 9th house respectively yields amazing results that are used to then accurately interpret the educational destiny of an individual. In addition Vedic Astrology can also identify the potential and existing obstacles in the path to educational achievements. To counter such maladies one can avail of some simple remedial measures that will clear all obstacles in the path towards educational progress.