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Educational Prospects and Health


Educational Prospects and Health

In this case study the caller wants to know about his Son’s Educational prospects & health. Prakash studies the caller’s son’s chart and says that the native’s focus is very important and if it is missing then he will be unable to complete his education and only end up wasting time.

The native needs to invest a lot of discipline in his routine and not be distracted with what is happening outside. The caller then asks about the native’s health to which Prakash astrologer remarks that the native needs to take care of all issues related to his urine, stomach and blood. Furthermore the caller is instructed to keep an eye on the native and ensure that he doesn’t start thinking in a negative fashion or talk nonsense.

The native should also watch his diet and avoid eating spicy and sour food or he could face problems related to his large intestine and bowels. He is also asked to refrain from alcohol. The callers then adds that the native is currently pursuing a course in pharmacy to which Prakash says again that focus is the single most important aspect in the native’s education.