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Family Relationship Issues


Family Relationship Issues

In this case study the caller wants to know about her brother’s relationship with the family and adds that he is an only son and is quite cut off with everyone. Prakash studies the native’s horoscope and states that the current time is quite tough for him and as per his relationship with his parents it will always be on and off.

If the mother wants to then relationship could work but she will have to approach her son. The native is 36 years old and wants to lead his life to be told what to do like a child is. He is emotional and angry and will listen only if spoken to with love and affection. The horoscope of the boy also shows that it will be quite difficult to conceive a child and medical treatment etc will be required.

Furthermore the caller states that though the native doesn’t come to India he does go to Pakistan and maybe someone has done some black magic on him to which Prakash states that it’s all rubbish.