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Field of Business and Health


Field of Business and Health

In this case study the caller wants to know about his Business, Profession & prosperity. Prakash studies the caller’s chart and asks what he is doing currently to which the native replies that he helps out at his parent’s place of business. The caller wants t know if he should continue or open a new establishment on his own. To this Prakash astrologer replies that the best option would be to take over the parents business.

The caller says that he can do so only after 5-6 years and not presently. To this Prakash astrologer says that the caller should join the parents business as a full partner which would be for the best. After the 20th of November it would be a good time to start a new business where the native is able to make full use of his skill-set, knowledge and experience. The caller then states that he would like to open a restaurant which Prakash says is fine but planning and preparation is required for at least the next 6 months. The caller needs to have a clear plan and strategy and do his homework.

Health wise Prakash says to the native to look after all issues related to his lower abdomen, digestive system, thyroid, neck, throat, blood, urine, bowels and large intestine. In addition the native has to watch his diet and keep in mind that his tummy, lower abdomen, neck and throat are very sensitive and susceptible to issues and infections etc. After November 2016 the native will have a run of 17 years to establish and run a business and if the required motivation, common sense, discipline and strategic planning will be there then nobody would be able to stop him. He needs to be polite and refrain from aggressive behaviour and always be focused like a pilot of a fighter jet.