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Field of Study and Health


Field of Study and Health

In this case study the Caller wants to find out about a suitable field of study for her son. Prakash studies the native’s horoscope and says that the best field would be Arts & Crafts and the native would manage to excel as an architect. Prakash adds that the native is an extremely gifted child and if the parents put in the required hard work and make the requisite sacrifices the child would be a huge success. The only problem in the kundali is the health aspect and the native could face a lot of issues to do with his stomach, neck, intestines, toxicity etc. These health problems are present since birth and later even issues with urine and blood could develop and harm the child.

Prakash says that to combat this health aspect a thorough and detailed private consultation is required. Other than that the native has a very promising career in front and at the age of 28 would be living like a king with a lavish lifestyle and achieve huge name and fame. The native would peak at the age of 13 yrs, 17 yrs and 28 yrs of age and would actually transform the whole family totally. The child is actually a gift from destiny and if the parents are able to take care of his health issues he would lead a fantastic life that of a star and would never have to look for a job as always he will have people after him due to his innate ability.

As an astro remedy firstly two special mantras have to be chanted. ‘Aum dhum dhum dhum dhumawati dhumawati dhumawati tah tah tah’ this is t be done in front of some bananas which after the chanting have to be distributed to people but not given to the boy himself. The other mantra ‘Aum shri harim klim aing vajravirocheneye hum hum phut swaha’. This has to be done with keeping some beer bottles in front and then after chanting the beer has to be distributed to people naturally free of charge!