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Financial Astrology Prediction


Financial Astrology Prediction

In this Case Study the caller wants to find out about his financial situation and future prospects. When Prakash astrologer asks the caller if he is working the caller replies that he is a cashier at a gas station. Prakash astrologer states that in the native’s horoscope there is present a Chandrama Maha Dasha till the year 2018.

Normally such a dasha gives financial stability to the native but in this case due to the positioning and effect of two planets namely Sun and Mars the native is not getting the same. These two planets in fact are causing the native to incur expenditure and unnecessary expense etc. The native further adds that whatever he earns he ends up spending with no savings left at all.

Prakash replies that the situation will remain the same like the current till an astrological remedy is adopted for these two planets. In order to give a suitable remedy Prakash astrologer asks the caller what religion he follows to which the caller replies that he is of the Islamic faith.

The remedy then given is that of donating sugar and atta to a religious langar at a masjid time and again which would help prevent needless expense. Another remedy is to buy a silver box and bury it in the house which would lend strength to the financial position of the native.

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