As part of our mission to serve our subscribers with the best possible astrological guidance we have now decided to gift a free Vedic Astrology reading to each one of our YouTube subscribers!

This is a one time gift that will be presented to each individual who is a subscriber of our YouTube channel and is an attempt by us to reward their trust in us. There are no strings attached and everyone will receive this reading soon and that too without any cost whatsoever.

Vedic Astrology is a science that has now been in existence for almost 8000 years and the only reason it has persisted over centuries and decades is that it works and is actually extremely relevant to each one of us. Every human being is born with a unique karma and under a particular set of planetary combination. This combination determines his or her horoscope and also the future is forecast with astounding accuracy using the future positions assumed by the celestial planets.

Every planet has an influence and effect on the earth and also on its inhabitants. For e.g. on full moon nights the moon exerts a gravitational effect on the sea and the waves are resultantly very rough. Also it has an effect on people and various police organisations now attest to the fact that crime rates spurt on such nights which is explained only by the full moon and nothing else. Scientific surveys have been carried on simultaneously in every country in connection with the sudden rise in crime especially on full moon nights. The only common factor has been borne out to be the full moon itself and nothing else. Astrology holds that certain people on account of their horoscope and the particular planetary combination that rules them are more susceptible to the moon’s position and shape. Thus such people stand to be affected more than others with a full moon sighting.

Additionally many a time a person might question his life condition which might not be in the best possible state. The native is even more confounded with the fact that he has to date lived a simple life and not harmed anyone why then is he being punished by the prevailing scenario. Vedic Astrology answers such queries easily as it takes into consideration the law of Karma which is a measure of your good and bad deeds not just of your present life but the previous ones as well. This theory states that man is accountable and answerable for every single action be it good or bad. The accumulation of your bad and good deeds is your Karma in accordance with which you are given a particular life condition which could be luxurious or full of misery!

A Vedic Astrology reading answers a myriad of queries and also recommends particular remedies that one can employ towards maximising gains and minimising losses.

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