Capricorn Monthly Horoscope
Monthly Horoscope for August 2018

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

Capricorn monthly horoscope this month, Transit of Venus in the 9th house from Natal Moon Sign Capricorn (1 Aug 2018 12:26:46 to 1 Sep 2018 23:27:36) During this period, Venus will move through your ninth house from the Moon. This mostly signifies the onset of a new wardrobe. Moreover, it also denotes bodily or material comfort and happiness. Financial gain and indulgence in precious jewellery is also indicated during this period. Businessmen will find this period to be a smooth one with satisfactory profits. Success in education is also indicated during this time. Health would remain in good shape. At home, your siblings would be more cooperative and affectionate than ever. Some auspicious deeds are likely to be performed at your home and you may also decide on your own marriage if eligible. During this time you are likely to get a match of your choice, who would also bring in fortune for you. A socially conducive period could also be expected where you are likely to make new friends. You may also get a mentor to show you the spiritual path. Your interest in the artistic field would increase during this time. Your good qualities and virtuous deeds would be noticed and would bring in good reputation in the society. This time could see your desires fulfilled and enemies defeated. If you get involved in any kind of discussion, you are likely to be winning the same. You may even consider going on a long journey during this period.

Transit of Sun in the 8th house from Natal Moon Sign Capricorn (17 Aug 2018 06:50:17 to 17 Sep 2018 06:46:34) The Sun’s journey through the eighth house could incur loss and bodily suffering in general. Be extra careful to avoid unnecessary expenses and avoid making important decisions about finances. Support from your community, family members and even partner may seem absent to you. There could be a change in the work you do, possibility forcing you to let go of your current position, or there could be a lot of travel, which may turn out stressful. Consciously avoid getting involved in any kind of quarrel with your enemies or anyone else, as it is likely to be totally fruitless. Take care of your health as you may develop physical ailments like stomach disorder, blood pressure and piles, causing you discomfort. You may develop needless fear; especially fear of death or loss of honour, meaningless anxiety and a restless mind during this phase. It is wise to avoid activities that involve any kind of risks with your life and that of your family. A relative’s issue may come up unexpectedly causing you some worries.

Capricorn Monthly Conclusion – There will be lots of running around and tensions going on. Health wise do take care of your head, eyes & general energy level. There will be sudden huge expenditures. Due to technical issues you might come across delays & complications. Please beware of any kind of financial loss due to conflicts and arguments. Beware of tricky situations & handle all the situations with lots of care and attention. You got to invest passion understanding & care in your personal & professional relationship.

Tasks for the month

Please do take 7 Dry whole coconuts and touch your forehead and rotate in anti clock wise & throw in the deepest lake, Flow Gurh + Whole Moong in the fast flowing river, Please bury 1200 gram black salt in the ground on Saturday.

Precautions for the month

Please refrain from any marriage relationship & joint venture Conflicts.

Chanting for the month

Aum Hanumatya Rudratamkay Hum Phutt!