Gemini Monthly Horoscope
Monthly Horoscope for January 2018

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Gemini monthly horoscope this month, Mars is in transit in your 5th house from 30th of November 2017 till the 17th January 2018. Ruffled time Gemini it would be wise move to curtail new expenditure as you tend to lose control on your finances. If you have a young family please look after the children as there could be some sickness in the family. Try avoid any kind of unpleasantness between you and your family members or it may lead to an agonizing pain for you. Please handle your enemies with care as they are likely to harass you more than usual. You got to watch your attitude since if you invest aggression in the same it will make you some new enemies. During this particular time your health would require more attention and you are likely to feel lacklustre, weak and feverish. Please seek proper diagnosis of your illness and take care of your diet intake as well. Some of you may also go through certain issues linked with your personal behaviour and undergo changes that are not like you. Some of you could become furious, apprehensive and even estranged with your near and dear loved ones. You could lose your glory and fame and indulge in needless and immoral deeds that might land you in thick soup. Please stay away from all kinds of living arguments and conflicts with family members and watch your conduct and behaviour closely. Mercury will be in transit in Gemini from the 11th of December 2017 till the 6th of June 2018. This indicates a mixed bag of positives and negatives along with success, stability and progress. Your personal life goals, plans and projects will be successfully accomplished and you would also gain from the same. You got to do your best and if you are creative you could well expect progress in all your undertakings. This period also indicates popularity, rise in name and fame in the society while your status in society is also likely to be heightened.Health should be fine and you will achieve mental peace and contentment. This movement of Mercury will however bring some natives worry from enemies, finance related issues and travel. Please watch your finances and avoid any kind of an argument with your employer. Please avoid any activity that poses a risk to your life. Sun will be in transit in Gemini from the 16th of December 2017 till the 14th of June 2018. This placement will give you a tendency to travel around but such travel would be very tiring and troublesome. You got to be extra careful especially at work and refrain from challenging your seniors and superiors as that would likely result in opposition, animosity and humiliation.
Your relationship with your partner may be bit strange and be affected by some issues. Please watch your enthusiasm level as that could be quite low resulting in an inability to overcome the obstacles that are there in the path to achieving your dreams, objectives and goals. This period could have you face some professional setbacks and a general lack of progress and success. Your health requires your care and attention as you are more susceptible to suffering from issues like discomfort in tummy, blood related issues, fever and fatigue. Please be extra cautious to avoid indigestion, food poisoning and food allergies. The health of your partner and family could also be under strain. Venus is in transit in your sign from the 20th of December 2017 till the 13th of June 2018 due to which it would be quite a troublesome period. You could face issues caused by family members or friends. Steer clear from the bad company of wicked people and be careful of any health issues. Financially things won’t be that good and it would be better to stay away from any risky investments and watch your dealings and look out for financial losses. You could also realize that you have some bigoted people around you who tried to grass you up or backstab you. Please avoid any involvement with wicked people as this may give you a lot of grief and also create new enemies and cause conflicts. This period may also see you suffer from a lot of mental agitation, distress, disappointment and frustration. Professionally this period cannot be regarded as conducive and you got to be wary of underhand dealings under the table and avoid the wrong type of people. Even if it gives you a thrill you got to steer clear and refrain from doing anything illegal or scandalous. The transit of mercury in the seventh house starts from the 6th of January 2018 till the 28th of Jan 2018. This will bring in some trying times for you both mentally and physically. There could be health issues, pain, weakness, misunderstandings and mental anguish. Please try and resolve such issues by talking with your family members and refrain from all kinds of conflicts, arguments and communication gaps. Please avoid any kind of a situation where you could have to face humiliation. Travel would be full of hassles and might not yield the desired result. Venus would be in transit in Gemini’s 8th house from the 13th of June 2018 till the 6th of August 2018. During this particular period Venus will signify good times, gains, physical comfort along with resolution of all previous issues. You may consider acquiring property or car. If single there could be a good match who would also bring you good fortune. Venus transit in your 8th house will give you company of beautiful and pleasant people and companionship.
During this particular time your brilliance will be noticed and you would command more respect, honour and increase your circle. Your knowledge, skill and ability will be duly recognized and appreciated by professional and powerful people. Professionally it is a good time and trade and business will be flourishing. You could be in contact with powerful decision-makers. Sun is in transit in Gemini from the 14th of January till the 13th of February 2018 due to which the period won’t be very unique or charming. There will be unnecessary hassles, expenditure and issues. There will be some new projects but the required support could be missing from your family, community and colleagues. You could be left alone so be wary and refrain from taking any huge risk at this time. If you are looking for partners in your project it could be that you don’t find anyone who would be interested. Avoid getting into any kind of argument or conflict and avoid wasting your time fruitlessly. You got to refresh your vision and accept a few realities in real time which will help you flourish more. With your own initiative you will be able to do a lot of things but you got to not rely on others. Health issues related to stomach, blood pressure, lower abdomen, piles could be there. Please avoid taking any risk physical and financial. Mars will be in transit from the 17th of June 2018 till the 7th of March 2018 due to which you will get wealth, items and assets. If you are expecting a promotion at work it could come through. There will be success in your undertakings and overall financial improvement. This time will have you feel secure, fearless, comfortable and happy. You would be able to win over your enemies and expect a ceasefire of previous arguments and conflicts. If involved in a court case the judgement would be in your favour. There will be honour and respect in society and you would perform some charitable deeds at the same time. Health would be fine and all previous hassles and complications would now be gone. In January Sun, Venus and Saturn will have a direct aspect on Gemini. There will be fruitless running around but money and resources will be present. At times you could be mentally annoyed or disappointed and stuck in the middle of an argument or conflict with your own people. The more you lose temper the more will you end up spoiling things. If you exercise control things would be okay but if loud, aggressive or out of control there won’t be any benefits to be had. How you act, react, mingle and deal will be instrumental for success or failure.

Tasks for the month

Keep 6 solid silver balls on your person; wear one silver ball around your neck in a silver chain; donate a mixed colour blanket, bananas and some money to a religious priest; flow 7kg whole moong in a fast moving river; wear a gold square piece around your neck in a gold chain.

Precautions for the month

Watch your word of speech, language and attitude; avoid all conflicts and arguments.

Chanting for the month

Om Harim Gum Hasti Pischachee Likhe Swahaeve!

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