Jupiters Effect on Aries
Jupiter Transit In Leo For Aries 2016

From 11th August 2016 To 12th September 2017

Aries Yearly Horoscope

Aries Yearly HoroscopeFor Aries Jupiter’s Transit in 2016-2017 :– During GOCHHAR transit JUPITER IN VIRGO from 16:57:37 hours, 11th Aug 2016 Till 02:21:37 hours, 12th Sept 2017 is placed in 6th House FOR ARIES. There will be a rise in expenditure, health issues, secret enemies, conflicts and arguments, unnecessary tension and hassle. You need to be cautious of your debts and conduct. You will face lots of challenges and complications and hurdles whilst making progress in your career. Sometimes you will feel that everybody is testing your patience and pushing you beyond your limits. Despite that your hard work and well thought out efforts will be rewarded. You need to have cooperation and understanding if you want to get ahead.

Tasks for the year

Try to keep a dark colour Dog as a pet or do donate dog feed to a dog home. Do wear a golden yellow sapphire in gold like a pendant around your neck. Do donate 6kg Haldi Powder to a temple Langar in the temple 9 Thursdays. Please do donate Gold to your family Priest or GURU. Seek blessings from our parents. You must put Silver Argla under your DOOR STEP. Please do donate Blankets, Bananas and Money to 11 religious Priests.

Precautions for the year

Refrain from any Family Relationship Conflicts. Refrain from any scandalous steps which can damage your reputation. Refrain from non vegetarian food, alcohol, smoking and any kind of intoxication.

Chanting for the year

Aum Shrim Hrim Klim Aing Vajjara Vairochaniyya Hum Hum Phutt Savvahha!


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