Jupiters Effect on Gemini
Jupiter Transit In Leo For Gemini 2016

From 11th August 2016 To 12th September 2017

Gemini Yearly Horoscope

Taurus Yearly HoroscopeDuring GOCHHAR transit of JUPITER IN VIRGO from 16:57:37 hours,11th Aug 2016 Till 02:21:37 hours, 12th Sept 2017 is in the 4th house for Gemini. Due to this you will go through lots of struggle & sometimes you may feel a lack of comforts. Sometimes you may be tense due to property. At the same time your vision and imagination will be materialised and your most creative efforts will produce a professional boost and financial backing. You will have an opportunity to build a property. You will have the support of your family and loved ones. There will be a rise in expenditure but you will end up developing many good contacts.

Tasks for the year

Do Donate Rice to the temple minimum 8kg 12 times on Monday. Do seek blessings of your Father. Try to keep FRESH yellow flowers in your HOUSE. Do wear saffron Tilak on your forehead every day. Please do donate dog food to a dog home.

Precautions for the year

Avoid any kind of temple in your house. Never ever insult your elders. Never uncover your body in front of people.

Chanting for the year

Aum Namoo Bhagwatay Vassudevaya!


Astrologer Disclaimer:
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