Jupiters Effect on Leo
Jupiter Transit In Leo For Leo 2016

From 11th August 2016 To 12th September 2017

Leo Yearly Horoscope

Leo Yearly HoroscopeDuring GOCHHAR the transit of JUPITER in Virgo at 16:57:37 hours, 11th Aug 2016 Till 02:21:37 hours, 12th Sept 2017 is in the 2nd house FOR LEO. The native’s financial backing will be rising, they will achieve financial stability, will be in contact with professional powerful people. There will be some travel around and if the native is a professional consultant then his or her ability will be recognised and appreciated. Native will participate in lots of social & religious events. The required support & encouragement will be there. There may be sudden financial gain and a rise in status and prestige.

Tasks for the year

You must be very nice with people regarding word of speech, attitude, actions & conduct. Donate 8kg rice to the temple. Please refrain from consuming any non veg food, any alcohol, any intoxicants, sea food & Smoking. You must keep cultivated Land ” kachha part ” for example GARDEN in your house or lots of plant pots. Wear saffron tilak on your forehead and eat Saffron in your Food. Please refrain from digging any holes in your house. Do wear silver square piece in a silver chain around your neck.

Precautions for the year

REFRAIN from consuming any form of NON-VEGETARIAN FOOD, ALCHOL, ANY FORM OF intoxicants & Smokings. REFRAIN from out of character behaviour. Never ever INSULT your parents and life partner. Refrain from giving any GOLD to any one as CHARITY OR AS A GIFT.

Chanting for the year

Aum Shri Rammaya Nammhh!


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