Jupiters Effect on Pisces
Jupiter Transit In Leo For Pisces 2016

From 11th August 2016 To 12th September 2017

Pisces Yearly Horoscope

Pisces Yearly HoroscopeDuring GOCHHAR transit of JUPITER IN VIRGO from 16:57:37 hours, 11th Aug 2016 Till 02:21:37 hours, 12th Sept 2017 is in the 7th House FOR Pisces. Due to this you will achieve financial gain, prosperity, rise in status & prestige and honour. You will achieve comforts and most of your hard work will pay you back. With your own efforts you will be able to create lots of new opportunities, and if you are working in media there will be new resources and opportunities waiting for you. All your past hard work and struggles will pay you back. Please be prepared for travelling and a lot of running around. You will achieve comforts and life style. If you are a single person then you will get married. You will be in contact with lots of professional powerful people. Please keep away from any risky business ventures. You will be recognised and appreciated.

Tasks for the year

Try to keep all your GOLD WRAPPED IN A YELLOW CLOTH. Please do ORGANISE NAMAK CHAMMAK RUDERA ABHISHEK WITH YELLOW FLOWERS. Do wear a golden yellow sapphire set in gold like a pendant around your NECK. Please do respect your elders and your parents. Please keep saffron in a silver box. Please do organise a MAHA VISHNU PUJANAM.

Precautions for the year

Never ever create any family arguments, conflicts and rows WITH your wife and children. Never ever insult your family members. Never ever donate your clothes to anybody.

Chanting for the year

Hrim Aum Namoo Shivaya Hrim!


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