Jupiters Effect on Sagittarius
Jupiter Transit In Leo For Sagittarius 2016

From 11th August 2016 To 12th September 2017

Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope

Sagittarius Yearly HoroscopeDuring GOCHHAR transit of JUPITER IN VIRGO from 16:57:37 hours, 11th Aug 2016 Till 02:21:37 hours, 12th Sept 2017 is in the 10th House FOR Sagittarius :– You will go through many professional complications. You may go through a few professional challenges and setbacks, you will have quite a few tensions and you will be looking for support. However, this support you crave may not be there. There might be a lack of cash flow and a few financial complications. You might be the target of criticism. You will get the support of your father, but sometimes you will not be satisfied with your family support. You might come across a property and new car. But you have got to be careful whenever you deal with any kind tricky or complicated situations.

Tasks for the year

Flow 10 kg or 40kg Gurh in a fast flowing river. Flow 20 kg rice in a fast flowing RIVER. Please do dump 10 dry whole coconuts in a deep lake on Wednesday. Do donate 2kg Pure Ghee to a temple. Please bury 12kg black salt in the ground on Saturday Morning. Mix Jasmin oil & real Sindoor and make a paste and apply on the statue of Hamunanji on Saturday. Please dump 9kg Dry whole coconuts in a deep lake after touching each coconut to your forehead and rotating anti clock wise. Please do donate dog Food to a dog home.

Precautions for the year

Remove any kind of temple, statues, stones, shivling, shankh, bells, rakh bhoobbotia, dry flowers away from your home ASAP. Refrain from any scandalous relationship. Please try not to do anything which can be seen as a foul act.

Chanting for the year



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