Libra Monthly Horoscope
Monthly Horoscope for August 2018

Libra Monthly Horoscope

Libra Monthly Horoscope

Libra monthly horoscope the month, Transit of Venus in the 12th house from Natal Moon Sign Libra (1 Aug 2018 12:26:46 to 1 Sep 2018 23:27:36) During this period, Venus will move through your twelfth house from the Moon. This indicates a mixed bag of positive and negative happenings. On one hand this period signifies financial gain and on the other, it also denotes some unforeseen losses of wealth and clothing. This period also indicates unnecessary expenditure and wastage of money on a trip to a foreign country. This period would see you indulging in good attire of which you may also lose some. Take extra care to avoid any theft in the house particularly during this time. However, at home you would enjoy conjugal bliss. If unmarried, you may expect to savour some sensual pleasure with member of the opposite sex. Friends would be good to you and would be cooperative and helpful towards you. Try to stay away from sharp weapons and doubtful people. If you are involved with agriculture, you may have to take extra care to avoid any loss during this particular time.

Transit of Sun in the 11th house from Natal Moon Sign Libra (17 Aug 2018 06:50:17 to 17 Sep 2018 06:46:34) This transit of the Sun mostly means monetary gains, improved economic and social status. This is a suitable time for you to approach your boss/employer for any favours such as asking for a promotion. You will rise in your position at the work place, and get unexpected benefits from your superiors or authorities. You could also expect profit in trade and attainment of wealth during this time and even gains from your friends. Your social prestige would see a rise and you would gain more honour in your neighbourhood. Health would remain fine during this time and your sound health could be a happy occasion for the family. This period also signifies the commencement of some spiritual constructive deed at your home leading to even more happiness. Merrymaking, distribution and indulgence of good food and sweets at home could also be expected during this time. Overall, a comfortable period is denoted for you and your family leading to familial peace during this time.

Libra Monthly Conclusion – Your expenditures will be higher than your imagination. You will face lots of professional complications & challenges. There will be sudden gain & expenditures. Your health can be under the weather, some time your temper can be sky high & out of control behaviour can spoil things. Please refrain from any domestic & professional conflicts.

Tasks for the month

Please do donate 6kg Rice to the temple in Langar, Please do throw 10 dry whole coconuts in the deepest lake on Wednesday, Please bury 12 Blue flowers in the ground on Friday Evening.

Precautions for the month

Please do avoid foul temper & out of control behaviour.

Chanting for the month

Aum Namoo Bhagwatya Vassudevvayya!