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Man does not live by bread alone. This adage is true to its core and points out that for a life to be complete, satisfying and full one needs love, romance, relationships etc. No man is an island is yet another saying which pays homage to the importance of relationships. The commonly held belief about love, marriage etc is much like the saying ‘Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus’! In reality however as per Vedic astrology these two planets do play a major role in our ability and capability to lead a satisfying and happy relationship. An expert astrologer is able to tell a lot just by studying the placement of these two planets in a horoscope of an individual.

Generally speaking Vedic Astrology takes into consideration the 7th house to interpret one’s attitude towards commitment and the 11th house to assess his or her ability to experience harmony in a relationship while the 5th house gives information about the possibility of romance and intimacy.

It is quite common for people to ask questions about their time of marriage; arranged or a love marriage; marital life condition etc

These questions are not just to satisfy curiosity but are in fact tremendous determiners of one’s future life! The choice of a life partner is not an easy one to be taken lightly due to the huge implications. A right partner can help you rise to the very top and live an extremely satisfying and happy life while a wrong choice can spell doom and make your life unbearable and abjectly miserable.

Love does make the world go around and it is precisely for this reason that expert astrological guidance in this field is extremely important. The role it plays in an individual’s life is immense and there is no way that even the most powerful man on earth can discount its importance! It could be that two individuals have really good horoscopes but when they are matched for assessing their marital compatibility the finding could be that their temperament, character and attitude does not mix well and they would be unable to live in a cohesive and physically consistent manner.

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£300.00 inc Vat Select Options