Pisces Monthly Horoscope
Monthly Horoscope for August 2018

Monthly Horoscope

Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Pisces monthly horoscope this month, Transit of Venus in the 7th house from Natal Moon Sign Pisces (1 Aug 2018 12:26:46 to 1 Sep 2018 23:27:36) During this period, Venus will move through your seventh house from the Moon. This mostly indicates a troublesome period caused mostly by women. Stay away from any litigation involving women and try and maintain a good rapport with your wife. Moreover, this phase also indicates ill health of the female whose birth chart is housing Venus in the seventh house. Your wife may suffer from various gynaecological diseases, bodily pain, mental anxiety and so on. Financially a not-so-good period and it would be better to stay away from dealing with women to avoid monetary loss. You may also realise that you have some wicked friends who would try to harm you. Involvement with unnecessary womenfolk may create grief during this particular time. Chances are, you may even create new enemies due to some conflict related to a woman. This period may also see you suffer from mental agitation, distress and anger. Take care of your health, as you are likely to suffer from venereal diseases, urinary tract disorder and other minor diseases. Professionally this period could not be regarded as conducive. Avoid wicked colleagues as they might create obstacles in your progress. However, you are likely to get honour from the higher authority in your field of work or the government.

Transit of Sun in the 6th house from Natal Moon Sign Pisces (17 Aug 2018 06:50:17 to 17 Sep 2018 06:46:34) The period brings success in every aspect of life. You will find yourself overcoming obstacles easily, and it’s a great time for successful problem solving. If anyone gets in your way, you will be able to deal with it easily, with a minimal of aggravation. It is a good time to complete any unfinished projects, and you are likely to succeed in whatever you put your efforts in. Financially you will also do well, and will find it easy to gain in general. Your mental and physical health will be excellent. Your body will stay healthy and your mind will be free of too much stress and anxiety. It’s a time to enjoy comforts and social relations, especially friendship with people in powerful positions. There are good chances for promotion and honour, especially from authorities or government related people.

Pisces Monthly Conclusion – Due to work there will be lots of running around. There will be rise in financial gain & expenditures. You will be participating in lots of social & religious events. You got to deal with lots of health-family issues and professional complications. You will have to be very thoughtful when you are making decision choices & implementations. Health wise do take care of your lower abdomen & breathing.

Tasks for the month

Please do donate channa dal to temple in the Langar, Please do throw 11 dry whole coconuts in the deepest lake after touching your forehead, Please do keep honey in the Silver POT.

Precautions for the month

Please refrain from any Legal Conflicts and arguments AND do follow your Legal Duties.

Chanting for the month

Aum Hrim Grineh Surya Adittya Shrim Aum!