Gemini Yearly Horoscope
Rahu and Ketu Transit For Gemini Horoscope 2019 - 2020

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Yearly Horoscope

Gemini Yearly HoroscopeGemini yearly horoscope, For Gemini Rahu is Transiting in Gemini 1st house & Ketu is Transitting in Sagittarius 7th House Since 6th March 2019 till 19th Sept 2020.

Transit: Rahu is now in the 1st house and Ketu in the 7th house. Transit: Rahu is in the 1st and Ketu in the 7th house. Rahu gives lot of indulgence in the materialist affairs while Ketu gives serious malefic impact. You will have to increase your self-confidence in dealing with a large number of situations that will be challenging. Lovers would meet their beloved and love affairs would gain impetus. There would be warmth infused in relations. Do not let your ego emerge as hurdle in doing the jobs to assure personal gain. On the personal front life would be more colorful. As longer you can eat your EGO & Exercise Humility then everything will be ok. You can achieve dignified status prestige and honours and change the game of your life. As longer you are not self destructive foul you can achieve Dignified achievement and start of new ERA. There will be few unsolved difficulties & problems. You got to look after your mind body and soul properly. There will be mental worries over expenditures & lots of running around.

Please do take care of your marriage relationship & health of your partner. There may be miseries & troubles. Some time you end up crossing the line when it comes to marriage romance & relationship. You got to invest passion love affection & care in your marriage relationship. Your marriage relationship can fluctuate. Please stop wondering around & waste of time energy money. This is the time you got lead your life with strict discipline when it come to marriage romance or relationship. You got to look after your parents well being.
You got to be responsible for your own actions. Please be prepare for any sudden change.
For business and profession this would be an average period.

However, economically it would be satisfying period as longer you will build up your drive be more determined disciplined focused then you manage ok & to earn required money and other sources to meet your requirement.
Good financial position would add to your drive. You will spend money on luxuries & comforts. Rahu in lst house can give you general weakness, which might reduce your dynamism. Control in your food habits & proper medication can solve that problem. Spouse may go through a rough time. New ventures and partnerships must be avoided. Students must not lose sight of their goals. Lack of concentration might be of some concern. Whenever you will be going through lack of success & rising. When you will feel too much burdened & mentally all over the place.

– Venus in 7th house & Mars in 12th house.

– Sun in 9th house or 7th house or Malefic Mercury or Mercury in 7th House.

– Please DO donate whole meal Atta & Whole Moong Dal to temple in the Langar.
– You must keep fine silver grains in a Silver Box.
– You must Keep Silver SQUARE PIECE in a Silver Chain around your neck.
– Please keep up your promises.

– Please refrain from being headed arrogance & out of control attitude.
– Please stop acting foul or false.

– Hrim Aum Namoo Shivayya Hrim!


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