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Rahu and Ketu Transit For Leo Horoscope 2017 - 2019

Leo Rahu’s position in 12th house & Ketu’s position in 6th House. On 9th Sept 2017 Rahu is going to leave LEO & TRANSIT in Cancer & Ketu is going to leave Aquarius & Transit in Capricorn on 9th Sept 2017 at UK TIME 00:59:06 hours till 23rd March 2019 at 07:07:52 hours. You will come across many obstacles and delays. Beware of financial losses cheating & deceptions. There will be lots of fruitless running around and waste of time. You must be very careful if you are investing any money. Sometime your mind can be restless. Beware of any court cases & any kind of penalty fine punishment. Do take care of your reputation. Do take care of your nervous system & eyes. You will face lots of obstacles & delays. You will face quite a lot of oppositions and enmity. Your expenditures will be on fruitless activities. Your debts can build up to the level that you cannot even imagine. You must look your health eyes legs feet and blood urine related issues. A change of residence is possible. Some time peace of mind happiness calm and comforts of the sleep won’t will there. This period will make you very stubborn dreamer & spender. Health wise do take care of your bladders skin feet and blood urine related problems.


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Tasks of the Year

1) Please make a red pillow with Saunf fennel seeds and use it regularly.
2) Try to have your meal in the kitchen.
3) Please do donate money to your sisters’ nieces & Aunts.
4) Do wear saffron tilak on your forehead.
5) Try to keep long hairs.
6) Please dump 12 kg dry coconuts in the deepest lake for 12 Wednesdays.
7) You must keep a male black rabbit.
8) You must wear a fine gold band without joint in your left hand’s smallest finger.
9) Please do take care of your family members.

Chanting of the Year
Om Meditation

Aum Ganesh Rinim Chindhi Varnayyam Hum Nammhha Phutt

Rahu and Ketu Transit For Leo Horoscope 2017 - 2019



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