Leo Yearly Horoscope
Rahu and Ketu Transit For Leo Horoscope 2019 - 2020

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Yearly Horoscope

Leo Yearly HoroscopeLeo yearly horoscope, For Leo Rahu is Transiting in Gemini 11th house & Ketu is Transiting in Sagittarius 5th House Since 6th March 2019 till 19th Sept 2020.

Transit: Rahu is now in the 11th house and Ketu in the 5th house. Rahu would be in the eleventh 11th house while Ketu would be in the fifth house. The next eighteen months will be quite phenomenal for the Leo. Rahu’s transit over the eleventh house will result in an increase in income, positive changes in profession and fulfilment of long cherished desires. You will have anxiety and lot of initiative through out the period. There will be rise in social activities is very much on the cards. You got to control your dealings mingling & socialising and be cautious while driving. Outflow of funds will be high. There will be inclination towards Study of spiritual & religious. However family life & children might cause some tensions. Please do take care of your parent’s health & well being.

Your financial resources will be flourished & money will come from many resources. Family life will improve. You will be blessed with valuable items and assets. You will command more respect & honours. You will command more respect & honours in the society. You will develop faith & spiritual devotion and gets providential help. Other People’s money will come to you. You will be able to overcome your enemies. There will be rise in name fame & establishments. Please make sure your clarity of understanding about other people and people’s understanding about you must be good. Please be very careful if you wants to create any romantic relationship.
Please beware of heavy borrowing & loss of properties.

You will develop faith & devotion. You will get financial resources from abroad. Please beware of any kind of financial losses, unnecessary expenditures, incidence of fire, sickness in the family & living conflicts. But be very careful if you are in any CONFLICTS OR ANY OTHER LEGAL CONFLICTS WITH HIGHER AUTHORITIES. Please be extra care careful & take much precautions whenever you are dealing with HMRC, VAT & CUSTOM & EXCISE, COURT & POLICE. Please beware of any financial losses or Legal Conflicts.

Ketu in the fifth house shows mental worries and tension due to family parents health of Leo Moon Sign & Leo Ascendent. Please do take care of Your, your Mother’s & partner’s health & well being. Please beware of any health issues linked with stomach pain & ulcers in the stomach. Pregnant women must be extremely cautious. If you are pregnant then please do look after your health & your child’s health. Please beware of any Skin eruptions & bruises. This is Not a good period for conceiving the baby And for speculation. Students must be very thorough focused in their studies otherwise results can be disastrous. Friends and unfavourable atmosphere might cause some disturbance in education.

An injury cannot be ruled out. Please do take care of your digestive system & lower abdomen. If you are a student you must be very much focused & determined on your education. Please refrain from any distractions & romances. Whenever you will be going through legal conflicts with higher authorities, financial losses, loss due to fire or fine, sickness in the family & living in a fear due to higher authorities.

– Saturn in 3rd or 5th house.
– Sun, Jupiter or Moon in 4th House.

– Mars in 3rd house.

– Please do wear saffron tilak & gold.
– Please do wear water milk in a silver glass.
– Please do donate Bananas, Blankets & money to five religious priests.
– Please do take 11kg Dry Whole Coconuts and touch each coconut to your forehead and rotate in Anti Clock wise 108 times and repeat the same process for all the 11kg dry whole Coconuts and throw in the deepest Lake.

– Please beware of any Conflicts, Legal conflicts fine penalty & punishment.

– Aum Gum Ganpatya Nammhha Aik Danttayya Vidhmahhayya Vkkaarrttundayya Dhee-Mahhi Tanno Danti Pracchho Dayyaatt Aum Gum Ganpatya Nammhha!


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