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Rahu and Ketu Transit For Libra Horoscope 2017 - 2019

LIBRA Rahu’s position in 10th House & Ketu’s position in 4th House On 9th Sept 2017 Rahu is going to leave LEO & TRANSIT in Cancer & Ketu is going to leave Aquarius & Transit in Capricorn on 9th Sept 2017 at UK TIME 00:59:06 hours till 23rd March 2019 at 07:07:52 hours. here will be lots of running around. You must beware of professional deceptions and financial losses. You will come across major obstacles and delays. Sometime peace of mind and happiness will not be there. You will come across professional challenges but if you will be disciplined determined driven then you will be shining like a star. You got to make your decision & choices very wisely. Some time you got to give your 100 percent. Do take care of your family relationship. You will come across new job opportunity. Those seeking job promotion foreign projects will get positive results. New avenues for investments and profitable ventures will come up.
You will come across many personal and professional and financial complications. Peace of mind and happiness can be missing. You will come across quite a few embarrassing situations. Please beware of an accident or mis happening. Health wise do take care of any issues linked with Phlegmatic, infections & lungs problems. your concentration span won’t be there due to restless and lack of concentration so if you are a student then you will go through lots of struggles. Please make sure you must not start or involve yourself in any arguments & conflicts.


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Tasks of the Year

1) Please throw 10kg dry coconuts in the deepest lake for 10 Wednesdays.
2) Please bury 12kg Black Salt in the ground On SAT MORNING.
3) Mix Jasmin oil & real sindoor and stick on Hanmun Ji on Sat.
4) Please do donate 20kg Rice to the temple.
5) Please do donate 4 religious places brass gaggar filled with haldi powder and gold.
6) Please do donate 4 or 10 religious priests mixed colour blankets, bananas & money.
7) Flow 10 kg channa dal in the fast flowing river.
8) Please do keep black dog as a PET.

Chanting of the Year
Om Meditation

Vakkra-Tundayy Hum

Rahu and Ketu Transit For Libra Horoscope 2017 - 2019



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