Virgo Yearly Horoscope
Rahu and Ketu Transit For Virgo Horoscope 2019 - 2020

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Yearly Horoscope

Virgo Yearly HoroscopeVirgo yearly horoscope, For Virgo Rahu is Transiting in Gemini 10th house & Ketu is Transitting in Sagittarius 4th House Since 6th March 2019 till 19th Sept 2020. Transit: Rahu is now in the 10th house and Ketu in the 4th house. Rahu would be in the eleventh 10th house while Ketu would be in the 4th house.

For Virgo Moon Sign And Ascendant Ketu remains in the fourth house while Rahu remains in the tenth house. The next eighteen months will be moderately good.

Rahu in 10th house will give new job opportunity. Rahu can give you establishment success name fame. Those seeking job, promotions foreign postings will get positive results. New avenues for investment & profitable ventures will open up. Help from father or higher authorities will help you in achieving your goals. Chances for romance are likely. There will be new relationships, which will add colour to your life There will be an elevation in your living standard with luxury items added in your life.

Ketu in 4th House is not GOOD will try to Disturb the peace of mind family happiness & health. Phlegmatic, infection & lungs problems may be there. It may also disrupt the education, but You will somehow or the other try to keep the things in order. Family relationships will strengthen & misunderstandings & conflict will get resolved. Matters of heart & marriage proposals will get a boost.

There is a Rahu’s position in 10th house can also create bad results. Please do look after your wealth and assets. You must look after your properties matter & properties matters will go out from hands if you are not very careful. The support given by government or higher authorities will be withdrawn. There will be transfer to unwanted place. You will suffer from spiritual attack by the rivals. If dangerous astrological combination coincides in the chart then there will be danger.

There will be fear & confusion in all spheres of activities. You can be living in a conflicts personal or professional or both. Your personal joy happiness eternity can be missing. Your sleep gets spoiled due to worries & too much tensions. You will not have clear mind and capacity to make any decision. Your MEMORY& Concentration span weakens. You can face few financial losses in many speculations. Health wise beware of tension, depression, stomach pain or heart issues. Please do take care of your family relationship. You got to invest passion love affection & care in your family relationship.

Please refrain from any risky business like GAMBLING. You got to be extra careful whenever you will be making any decision linked with property or land. Please beware of fire & accident. Whenever you will be going through professional complications conflicts, loss of property & self destructive acts, restless, deep depression, danger & all over the place.


– MALEFIC Saturn & Mangleek Mars, Sun + Venus + Mars in 1st house, Moon in the 4th House.

– Please do wear KHAKI Colour Cap .
– Please do money & food to the Blind People.
– Please do Bury 100kg Barley in the Dark Shed.
– Please do take 10kg Dry Whole Coconuts and touch each coconut to your forehead and rotate in Anti Clock wise 108 times and repeat the same process for all the 10kg dry whole Coconuts and throw in the deepest Lake.
– Please do donate Bananas, Blankets & money to four religious priests.

– Please beware of any loss of property, Professional Legal conflicts, professional losses & loss of peace of mind happiness.

– Vkkaarrttundayyaik Drrassttrrayya Klim Hrim Shrim Gum GANPATTYA VAR VAR DAY SARB-JANMAY VASSHMANNAYYA SVVAAHHAA!


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