Aquarius Yearly Horoscope

Saturn Transit For Aquarius Horoscope 2018 - 2020

From 26th Oct 2017 till 24 Jan 2020 Saturn will be back in the 11th House Sagittarius and while Paya of Saturn will be Gold you will achieve financial gain, prosperity, rise in name and fame & establishment. At times you will feel that there are differences of opinions between you and your loved ones. There will be a few tensions, complications and issues. Your hard work will bring you dignified rewards. You will come across quite a few new opportunities with new doors of prosperity opening for you. Your sharpness, common sense, wisdom and creativity will play a unique role in achieving success, prosperity and rising. The more aware, disciplined, focused and determined you are the more will you achieve. With your own efforts you will be able to achieve everything. At the same time please look after your relationship and if you are a family person the wellbeing of your children. If you are a student then please do take care of your educational career. You will be cheated or betrayed by one of your nearest and dearest. Saturn will have ability to convert Soil into GOLD and fine gold around you into Soil. You will certainly create a huge change in your profession & career. As long as you are disciplined you will shine like a star but please avoid acts that can spoil your Saturn. If you are a KALI UPPASAK OR a STUDENT OF Tantra then your progression, rising and enlightenment will be there.

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Tasks of the Year

Please do wear a Golden Yellow Sapphire set in a gold square pendant around your Neck.
Please do keep 6 Solid Silver Balls IN YOUR BAG OR POCKET.
You must keep KUMBH OF BRASS {brass Gaggar filled with mineral water and cover it with fresh coconut wrapped with green dupatta} & CLAY POT { clay pot filled with mineral water & cover it with a fresh coconut wrapped in green dupatta}. Please make sure to level up the water every day.
Please bury 11kg Black Salt in the ground for 1 Saturday -7 Saturdays -11 Saturdays.
Please try to keep a Silver Brick in your house.

Aquarius Precautions

Please refrain from consuming any non-vegetarian food, sea food and avoid alcohol, intoxicants and smoking.
Please refrain from illicit scandalous affairs and day time sex.

Chanting of the Year
Om Meditation

Chanting:- Krim Krim Krim, Hum Hum Hum, Hrim Hrim Hrim, Dakshinaya Kalikay Dakshinay Kalikay Dakshinay Kalikay, Hrim Hrim Hrim, Hum Hum Hum, Krim Krim Krim!
Direction facing :– West.
Assan :– Dark Blanket.
Timing :– After 10pm.
Required time for the devotion:– 60 mins – 96 mins – 144 mins.

Saturn Transit For Aquarius Horoscope 2018 - 2020



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