Leo Yearly Horoscope

Saturn Transit For Leo Horoscope 2018 - 2020

From 26th Oct 2017 till 24 Jan 2020 Saturn will be back in 5th House Sagittarius & Paya of Saturn will be Silver wherein you will face many complications and delays in achieving your objectives. There will be few secret tensions which you wouldn’t want to share with anybody. You got to deal with your family and relationship related matters very carefully. Time to time you will come across financial opportunities for property, joint ventures, projects, business ideas and land related investments. You got to be very careful about your anger, ego, behaviour, conduct, dealings and word of speech. If you are a married person or a family man then you must look after your relationship with your partner and children and their well being. You got to give direction to your thoughts and be prepared to face a few stumbling blocks in achieving higher education. Your hard work & fully determined efforts will bring dignified success and prosperity. You will face a few complications in your flow of income. You got to be very careful about your decisions, choices and commitments. If you are student then you must look after your educational success and the career.

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Tasks of the Year

Please bury 5kg Black Salt in the Ground on Saturday Morning between 4:30Am-6:30Am for 5 Saturdays.
You must Keep 5kg Gurh, 5kg Rice and 5kg Honey in a tight packing in a Dark Shed on the ground Floor.
You must keep Saffron in a SILVER BOX.

Leo Precautions

Refrain from scandalous affairs and actions & please don’t do anything which you can’t justify. REFRAIN FROM DAY TIME SEX OR ANY SEXUAL ACTIVITIES IN THE DAY TIME.
Refrain from conducting any FRAUD OR ILLEGAL ACTS.

Chanting of the Year
Om Meditation

Chanting:- Krim Krim Krim Hum Hum Hum Hrim Hrim Hrim Dakishinay Kalikay Dakshinay Kalikay Dakshinay Kalikay Hrim Hrim Hrim Hum Hum Hum Krim Krim Krim!
Requirements:- Jug of water , Mustard oil deepak & fresh flowers
Direction:– West
Assan:– Mixed colour blanket

Saturn Transit For Leo Horoscope 2018 - 2020



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