Libra Yearly Horoscope

Saturn Transit For Libra Horoscope 2018 - 2020

From 26th Oct 2017 till 24 Jan 2020 Saturn will be back in 3rd House Sagittarius and start of & Paya of Saturn will be Copper due to which your hard work and effort will bring results, rewards and success. More creativity will lead to more achievements. Your Luck will rise through business, travelling and visiting far off places. You will be blessed with birth of a child, wealth & personal comforts. You will also have a few tensions linked with family and relationship. You will own property and enjoy the comfort of assets. With your own ability, knowledge and skill you will be able to create name and fame for yourself. You will get the support and the encouragement you need. You will receive some important news. A lot of your old stale projects will be on track. The more you become dynamic in your actions, vision and imagination the more will you be recognised and appreciated.

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Tasks of the Year

Do bury 4kg Black Salt in the ground for 4-7 Saturdays at 4:30am-6:30am.
Try to keep 1 or 2 or 3 black dogs in your house as a pet or pets.
Build a Dark shed at the end of your GARDEN.
Do lots of Ganpati Uppassna and do organise GANPATI ABHISHAKE IN THE TEMPLE.
Precautions:- Refrain from buying any new property.
Refrain from having any scandalous affairs.
Refrain from wearing any green and black coloured garments.
Try not to consume any form of NON VEG food, Sea FOOD & Alcohol & smoking & any form of intoxications.
Please refrain from any domestic arguments & conflicts & do not adopt a stubborn and irrational attitude.
Mix Jasmin oil and real sindoor and make a paste to apply on Hnaumanji’s statue.
Please maintain your character and avoid all kinds of relationship related scandals.

Libra Precautions

Do watch your word of speech & conduct and try not to invest ego in your decisions & choices.
Refrain from consuming any form of Non Vegetarian FOOD, Sea Food, Alcohol and smoking.
Refrain from keeping any stone or wall in front of your house.

Chanting of the Year
Om Meditation

Chanting:- Krim Krim Krim Hum Hum Hum Hrim Hrim Hrim Dakshinaya Kalikay Dakshinay Kalikay Dakshinay Kalikay Hrim Hrim Hrim Hum Hum Hum Krim Krim Krim!
Direction facing :– West.
Assan :– Dark Blanket.
Timing :– After 10pm.
Required time for the devotion:– 60 mins – 96 mins -144 mins.

Saturn Transit For Libra Horoscope 2018 - 2020



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